10 Best Baby Food Storage Containers in India 2021

Food Storage Containers are always needed when you have a baby. This article will help you find the Best Baby Food Storage Containers in India.

While traveling, the biggest challenge parents can face is to keep their infants happy. With the increasing excursion, your baby might start crying a lot.


The best thing you can do to make them happy is to play with them and get them home made food which is healthy and keeps them safe.

For baby food, you can simply avail of the best baby food storage containers where you can keep the foodstuff for your child.

Which can be given to him from time to time while you are traveling or outside your home.

List of Best Baby Food Storage Containers in India

Best Baby Food Storage Containers

Ensure that you are providing your child pure homemade food which is healthy as well as hygienic. 

As a mom to young child, your focus should be to ensure that your little lad is getting enough nutrients.

With the same purpose, we have brought you the list of best baby food storage containers for travel purposes.

1. Mee Mee Multi Storage Food Container

Parenting in today’s world is the toughest job to do. With a nuclear family, it really becomes hectic to handle children, especially small ones!

Mee Mee is one of the best brands which can be considered as one of the best food storage organizers.

This brand offers baby food storage boxes in order to help you out with your infant’s diet while traveling.


  • It is an attractive multicolored box.
  • Food inside the baby food storage container will not spill out.
  • Each container of the baby food storage boxes are spacious and can contain up to 100ml food.
  • Multiple boxes are available in a container that can be used to keep a variety of foods for your infant.
  • These containers are BPA free.
  • They are microwave friendly.
  • Boxes have an easy grip and detachable funnel.
  • These containers are ideal for powder and semi-solids.

2. AmazonBasics 3pc Airtight Food Storage Containers Set


AmazonBasics provides the Best baby food storage containers for travel to the parents.

They can effectively use in order to provide their children with complete nutrition while being away from home.


  • This is a set of 3 boxes.
  • It comes in various sizes ranging from o.6 liter to 1.2 liters.
  • Easy to store food in this baby food storage container.
  • It is designed in such a way that it saves a lot of space.
  • Airtight locks are available.
  • These baby food storage organizers are compatible with microwaves and dishwashers.
  • This container is robust, made of high quality, and is BPA free.

3. OXO Tot Plastic Container

This is an Oxo Baby Blocks Freezer Container for keeping baby food safe and hygienic.

It can also be considered as one of the best baby food storage containers for travel. These are basically plastic containers.

Apart from using it for baby food, it can serve other purposes for you.


  • These baby food storage containers are ideal for storing large quantities of puree food while traveling.
  • It’s a convenient storage tray that can also be kept in the freezer.
  • It is BPA and PVC free.
  • These baby food storage boxes are airtight, watertight, and avoid leaking.
  • This container is perfect for homemade baby food.

4. SignoraWare Stainless Steel Food Container


This is a stainless-steel container that can contain an amount of food upto 250ml.

The container is in blue color. This can be easily used as a baby food storage organizer.

These storage boxes can be efficiently used while traveling abs well it can also be used when you are away from home for any of the good reasons!


  • It is made up of Superior quality 0.5mm stainless steel.
  • This container is a Stainless Steel with an inside out smooth mirror finish.
  • These containers come in compact sizes.
  • They are easy to carry.
  • They are available in multiple colors
  • These boxes are made up of Stainless Steel (containers) and Virgin Plastic (Lids).

5. Signoraware Small Stainless Steel Container

This container is offered by Signoraware brand is comparatively small in size.

Around 20mm or 200 ml of food can be stored in this box. This container is built of stainless steel.

This is one of the best baby food storage boxes available in the market.


  • A quality product from Signoraware with 0.5mm stainless steel.
  • An airtight container.
  • Leak & crack proof product.
  • Very easy to carry.
  • Dishwasher safe product.
  • Refrigerator safe product.
  • It is easy to clean.

6. Solimo Baby Food Storage Containers

This is one of the best baby food storage containers available in the market. This is a multicolored product in set of 6.

Solimo is a well-known brand that offers products such as kitchenware, home furnishings, mobile accessories, backpacks, home decor, etc.


  • This is a set of 6 wonder bowls with snap-fit lid.
  • The bowl can contain up to 220 ml of food items.
  • These bowls are airtight.
  • They are made up of high-quality food-grade hardened PET plastic.
  • It provides an easy grip.
  • The product’s weight is 36gm. It is a lightweight product.
  • It is a dishwasher safe product.

7. Borosil Klip N Store Glass Food Container

This container consists of the highest quality glass and technology which makes it explosion proof and safe for use.

The product comes with 2 years of warranty. Its unique seal helps in keeping the container airtight, hence keeping food fresh for a longer duration.

This product is among the best baby food storage containers for travel.


  • An airtight product.
  • The container is made of 100% Borosilicate.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Microwave friendly.
  • Freezer proof.
  • Heat. Eat. Store. Repeat- easy use of the container.
  • Hassle free cleaning of the container is an advantage.
  • A dishwasher safe product.
  • It’s a multipurpose product with good design.

8. Signoraware Modular Baby Food Storage Containers Set


A modern blue color container which has a capacity of approximately 200 ml.

It is a set of 3 boxes. It comes with a year of warranty.

Modular storage containers fulfill all your kitchen requirements easily along with using it as the best baby food storage containers.


  • Available in Various Sizes making it easy to complete your kitchen set.
  • The container is completely 100% Food Grade Material.
  • This product is leak-proof.
  • These can be considered as Smart baby food storage Organisers.
  • They comprise the sturdy of Unbreakable Material.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • The product can be replaced within 10days of order.
  • This product is stackable and saves space.
  • This is a perfect fit for travel. Pack your family food and love away with it.

9. Munchkin Love-A-Bowls Set

This product is a multi-colored bowl set which can be effectively used for baby food while travelling.

This bowl set comes with a spoon which makes your baby have a great time with solid food you would be providing him to ensure that nutrition is properly balanced.


  • Easy to stack and store.
  • Perfect size as per the need of the baby meal.
  • Spill-proof, leak-proof, and crack proof.
  • Well developed to be resistant to the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.
  • 4 bowls, 4 lids, and 2 spoons are included.
  • They have an easy grip.
  • BPA free.
  • These products are affordable.

10. Sumeet Baby Food Storage Containers

Sumeet brings a stainless-steel container set of 3 pieces which keeps food fresh for a longer duration.

This helps you in keeping your baby happy by having a healthy food time with him by providing fresh foods to your infant.


  • Leak-proof, and odorless.
  • Stainless steel containers with easy locking.
  • 4 side locks ensure that the container is airtight and hence helps in keeping food fresh for a longer duration.
  • These containers are made from high-quality non-magnetic stainless-steel bodies.
  • This is a BPA free product.
  • These containers are versatile and reliable.
  • Easy to use and easy grip.

Conclusion for Baby Food Storage Containers

Your baby is your first priority. Keeping them happy and taking care of them is a good sign of being a responsible parent.

In order to help you with your parenting time, in case you wish to go outside for traveling purposes or inside your home also you can easily offer your kids healthy and safe food with the above-listed best baby food storage containers.

Check out the best baby food storage containers for travel and get one or two for your kids as well.

They would be more than happy to get multi-colored, and new baby food storage boxes with them!

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