Top 9+ Best Branded Air Conditioners in India 2021

This blog post is all about the Best Branded Air conditioners in India.

Well, air conditioners have become indispensable to beat the summer heat. To justify my statement, let me give you a background of why you actually need an air conditioner.

Since we all know that , in today’s world with increased global warming and constant climatic changes and glaciers melting down rapidly, gone are the days when we could have survived with a ceiling fan looming above our head, and windows wide open welcoming fresh air to survive the summers in India.

As a matter of fact, we all know that how difficult it is to bear the summer heat in India.

Not surprisingly, with temperatures soaring as high as 50 degrees especially in the northern part of India and Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar as well you do need the best air conditioners available to you.

As a result of which; though you can withstand this heat during the day time, because mostly you will be at your office, but most importantly, to get a good sleep when you are back at home and also to protect your family from this unbearable heat , you must have cool temperature in your room.

Secondly, if you are living on single floor or in the top floor of your apartment, Not surprisingly then the summer heat will hit you the most.

That is why Air conditioners have become a necessity almost in every middle class households.

But it is also important to buy the right and the best ac for you,  which will meet your requirements.

So after a lot of careful research and reviewing the products here comes my list of Top 10 Best Branded Air conditioners in India 2021.

List of Best Air Conditioners in India

This 5 Star Inverter Split AC from Daikin is very energy efficient. Its echo mode function (Power Saving Mode) ensures efficient operation by limiting maximum power consumption.

It has an outstanding feature of Power Chill Operation, during extreme heat conditions when rooms need immediate cooling, its power chill quickly drops room temperature and ensures instant cooling for immediate comfort.

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Energy Efficiency Rating – 5 star
  • Condenser Coil – Copper
  • Refrigerant Gas – R32
  • ISEER Value – 4.7
  • Econo Mode (Power Saving Mode)
  • Neo Swing Compressor Technology
  • Warranty – 1 year on Product & Condenser and 5 years on Compressor.

This Voltas inverter AC is powered by DC inverter technology.

It helps to maintain the ideal temperature by reducing the energy consumption without turning the compressor on/off.

Voltas Copper 184V also has a steady cool compressor. With the low frequency torque control, it gives a constant temperature and also saves your energy.

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Energy Efficiency Rating – 4 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas – R410A
  • Condenser Coil – Copper
  • Indoor Air Flow Volume – 900 CMH
  • Voltage – 230V Wattage – 1590W
  • ISEER Value – 4.1
  • Warranty – 1 year on Product & Condenser and 10 years on Compressor

Well LG as you all know is world-renowned for its customer service.

This LG inverter AC comes with a dual cool technology with which you can enjoy faster cooling even when the outside temperature is at 50°C and thereby reduces the power consumption (around 40 – 80%).

It saves energy up to 57% while operating. It has an anti-corrosive condenser that can withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Copper with Ocean Black Protection
  • Energy Efficient Rating – 5 star
  • Input Power – 1440W
  • Current – 6.6 Amps
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 835.5 units
  • ISEER Value – 4.73
  • Compressor Type – Variable Speed
  • Voltage – 220V to 240V
  • Warranty – 1 year on Product & Condenser and 10 years on Compressor

Firstly,  let me tell you why this air conditioner is highly rated in India.

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC has a unique auto-cleaning feature, with which it regularly cleans the filters and the vent from dust particles and other pollutants.

There are many reasons to buy this product, above all stands its 6th sense inverter technology which makes it a class apart from the rest of the air conditioners. So why wait for let’s nail it.

  • 6th Sense Inverter Technology
  • 5 Ton 5-Star
  • Auto Clean Facility
  • Great Cooling Experience
  • Turbo mode
  • Anti Bacterial Filter
  • Warranty – 1 year on Product & Condenser and 10 Years on Compressor

If you are looking for an air conditioner which will give you the best cooling technology then Carrier definitely ranks among the top 5.

Carrier is one of the best top 10 AC brands which provides a large variety of cooling features.

It’s Flexicool Hybrid Jet Technology ensures that the energy consumption system of your air conditioner is very efficient.

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Energy Efficiency – 5 Star
  • Condenser Coil – Copper
  • Refrigerant – R32
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 871.07 units
  • ISEER Value – 4.62
  • Warranty – 1 year on product & condenser, and 10 years on compressor

Not many brands can provide the technology and comfort that Blue Star Split AC can provide. One of the best ac in this price range.

That’s why we will add to our Best Branded Air conditioners in India list.

It comes with a Dual Rotor Inverter Technology which has a rotary compressor with two compression chambers.

Also the iFeel technology ensures that you get the desired comfort around you. This makes this air conditioner one of the top buy and very dependable brand.

  • Capacity – 1.5 ton
  • Energy Efficient Rating – 5 Star
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Noise Level – 59 dB
  • Condenser Type – Copper
  • Annual Electricity Consumption – 889.02 units
  • Warranty – 1 year on product, 5 years on condenser and 10 years on compressor

This one is one of my personal favorite. This Godrej GSC Split AC has a multi layered acoustic jacket so that it does not make any noise when your child is sleeping.

This AC is a full value for money product, that’s why we will add it to our Top 10 Best Branded Air conditioners in India 2021 list.

Also, the healthy auto-blow feature prevents any bacterial grown inside the air conditioner.

It also has an anti-corrosive bluefin coating which protects it from rust. All these features and good customer service comes at a very affordable price.

• Capacity – 1.5 ton
• Energy Efficiency Rating – 3 star
• Annual Energy Consumption – 1122.45 units
• ISEER Value – 3.52
• Voltage – 230V
• Refrigerant Gas – R32
• Condenser Coil – Copper
• Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Split AC is a very trusted brand and has years of expertise under its belt when it comes to air conditioners.

Hitachi air conditioners are very energy efficient and reliable.

This ergonomically designed sleek model has the copper condenser coil which ensures a better distribution of heat and has anti-corrosion robust technology.

  • Energy-efficient device
  • Low maintenance AC
  • Noiseless performance
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Wide-angle deflector circulate cool air in every part of the room
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor

Kenstar 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC comes with a unique auto clean technology that avoids the formation of mold/bacteria.

Also, it has an indoor heat exchanger (IDU) coil that is pre-coated with Blue corrosive elements. This maintains the IDU in excellent and efficient working conditions.

Non-Inverter Split AC
• Anti Bacteria Filter
• Auto Clean Technology
• Blue Fin Evaporator
• Silver Ion Filter
• Turbo Mode quicker cooling
• Condenser Type- Aluminium

IFB FastCool Air Conditioner comes in the top 10 of our list simply because of its Aerodynamic 360 Degree Blower which helps to cool the room quickly.

Also, it’s ultra low-frequency operation maintains a comfortable temperature while saving energy.

The 6 stage filtration process ensures that the air conditioner is dust-free and breathes cleaner air.

• Titan Gold Evaporator Fins
• Aerodynamic 360 Degree Blower
• 4 Way Cooling
• Ultra Low-Frequency Operation
• 6 Stage Filtration
• Condenser Coil – Copper
• Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on the condenser, 5 years on compressor

Conclusion of Best Branded Air Conditioners in India

I have brainstormed and did a lot of research to finally bring you the Top 10 Best Branded Air conditioners in India 2021.

Each of these air conditioners has its pros and cons but never less they are the highest-selling Air conditioners in India and they certainly are the best selling air conditioners of India.

I know you must be eager to buy the air conditioner. Hence Happy Buying!!

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