[Top 9] Best Front and Rear Dash Cam for Cars in India 2021

Car Dash Cam is the latest trend in India especially in the metro cities and today we are going to look at the list of Top 10 Best front and rear dash cam for Cars in India 2021.

It is fair to say that, if you want to save yourself or your family from any unseen mishaps best dash cam for the cars in India is not an accessory but a necessity nowadays.

The list is made after careful analysis and expert testings and it would be safe to say now, that these are the best budget dash cam available in the market today.

So, why has Car Dash Cam become a necessity?

It is a miniature video recorder that can record every single detail and save you from any dispute which may arise later on.

It acts as an aid for travelers and car insurance can be easily claimed after showing the recording in your Car Dash Cam.

Chipset:- Chipset is a crucial part for Car Dash Cam which helps your cam to run smoothly and acts as a key factor while deciding the cam.

Video Resolution:- A primary dash cam has the capability of recording a video in 1080p, but some models can record videos in 2k to 4k ultra HD resolutions and have awesome picture quality.

Wide Angle:- Best dashcam for a car should at least cover 140 degrees wide-angle or more.

GPS & WiFi:- Both these cameras are a must in Best front and rear dash cam for Cars in India as the former will help you to track down car in case of theft. The later will help you to download all the videos and images which can be later on used for evidence.

Dual-Dash Cam:- It can be a heavy burden on your pocket to buy a 360-degree angle camera but it is a worthwhile investment in Car Dash Cam.

Best Dash Cam for Cars in India

Best Dash Cams in India is based on quality and brand which is a deciding factor for deciding its features and durability.

There are very few best front and rear dash cam for Cars in India and most of them are versions of better known foreign companies.

So let’s have an overview of these Car Dash Cam:-

The dashcam has been kept on the top of the list of Best front and rear dash cam for Cars in India.

It is a small 360-degree rotating camera lens with a 150 angle.

With the help of a hardwired kit you can also use its parking monitor. Aided with built-in wi-fi, loop recording, and G-sensor the camera is considered the best buy on the list.

Another best feature is its small size which hides it from the intruder. You can obtain a clear image on your mobile or laptop with the help of WiFi.

This best budget dash cam comes with a capacitor battery which makes it suitable for hot regions.

To make it more suitable for Indian hot weather it is equipped with a Circular Polarizing Filter which reflects the strong sunlight without damaging the image quality.

Suction Cup Mount Bracket present with the camera makes it easy to install and remove without any damage. The company is also famous for its excellent customer support which is quite helpful and responsive.

This is a best budget dash cam that comes with an inbuilt screen and is useful for browsing images and videos.

It comes with a 6-glass lens 140-degree angle which can take images in darkness or bright light.

Aided with a 500 mAH battery which keeps recording even in parking mode.

It also has an advanced driver system that has the capacity to sent real-time alarms in the case of thefts or hit by another vehicle.

The best feature is its sleek design which helps it to hide behind the rear-view mirror.

No more worries while driving on the Indian road as the Dash Cam works as a CCTV camera and automatically records all the images inside in 1080p quality.

It is one of the best dash cams for the car as it has the dual recording system which helps you in recording system both inside the car and outside on the road.

32-GB Flash memory aided with loop recording helps you not to miss a single detail and capture images with clarity.

To increase the safety of the camera on India’s rough roads the camera is made from a full metal frame body.

The Best Dash Cams in India comes a wide-angle camera of 170 degrees and advanced sensors which helps you in the high-quality recording.

Equipped with a touch button makes the user experience easy to understand and use.H.264 video compression technology which records every video even in parking mode.

Other powerful features include G-Sensor, Motion Detection, loop recording, WDR, Screen saver which helps in safe locking and starts recording in case of slightest vibration.

8-LED infrared night vision light which helps to take a clear image even in darkness.

One of the best budget dash cam aided with a Wide Range Dynamic Technology.

WDR helps to capture a clear image with every detail intact.

1296p videos are recorded with the SONY IMX323 sensor with an angle of 170 degrees and to enhance its features it comes equipped with a 6G lens.

The camera is aided with a built-in GPS which helps you to guide in traffic and your journey route.

It’s G-Sensor has the feature of which automatically locks the file at the time of the collision.

A low stealth body helps it to safely hide behind the rear view camera and records everything secretly.

Aided with Emergency Recording Mode and gravity sensor it can record and capture collisions and prevent them from being overwritten.

It comes with sticker mounter and 3M stickers so that you can easily mount it on any part of your car and then remove it.

You have to install a Micro SD card to save your recordings and a 128 GB card is highly recommended.

A powerful 12/24V socket automatically starts on the car being started and shuts down when the car is switched off.

Equipped with a 3 inch super large screen helps you to safely park your car or have an overview of the vehicles at your back in a clear resolution.

It is easy to observe all the lanes of traffic with this camera as the dashcam comes with a 170-degree angle.

Moreover the 6-lens glass makes the image clear to record and observe.

To make the cam more powerful it is aided with a motion detector to make recordings at the time of collision.

G-Sensor and Parking feature which helps to make recordings even at the standby and never misses to record all the important details.

F1.8 large aperture and best quality sensor make it the best budget dash cam when making recordings at night time.

It is one of the Best front and rear dash cam for Car in India available for women as it can be rotated 360-degree angle to make recordings.

Other than that it is equipped with features like G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, and Motion Detection.

These features automatically record high-quality videos in their cycling recording and can be used as evidence if the need arises.

You can mount it on a dashboard or use adhesive patches to install it as per your convenience. The Wide Dynamic Range helps to take a view in a high resolution

If you are looking for a dash Cam which can both inside and outside images in high resolution than this is the best choice available in the market.

F/1.8 large aperture helps to capture a very clear image.

Apart from this SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensors, AKASO WDR technology, and built-in, 4 IR lights are various which work together to capture high-resolution images.

It has a loop recording feature that can hold up to 10-hour videos so you can safely park your cars.

Moreover G-Sensor will also take clear images at the time of the collision.

Without any extra hardwired kit 30S footage of front and inside to record the videos in case of theft which can be easily used as evidence.

Looking for a dash cam that can make the best recordings even in fog or dark then Transcend will be the best choice available in the market.

Equipped with 7 layer lens and infrared filtering along with Low Light Sensitivity CMOS takes the best shots even in worst climates.

To make the model more exclusive it comes with a DrivePro Emergency App which prevents the Cam to override important recordings.

It also has a small LCD Lens and GPS to keep a record of your tracks.

Conclusion of Best Dash Cam for Cars in India

Dash Cam is a must to make a record of not only your wonderful memories while on a trip.

It is also necessary for saving your car from thefts or track it down in the worst scenario.

It will aid in your insurance claim.

We hope these reasons are enough to make up your mind and invest some money on best front and rear dash cam for Cars in India.

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