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Food is unconditional love to oneself! – this is what you can say when you are a foodie for sure. Most of the Indians are big-time foodies and would never be happy in compromising with the quality of food they are having or serving to their loved ones.

The one super-secret ingredient which just increases the taste of food is Ghee. Ghee is one of the most important edible products which you can find on every Indian kitchen counter.

Cow ghee is one of the most important and used items in our indian cooking methodology and it is loved for its real health value and taste.

Ghee is one such ingredient which, when added to the food gives it an amazing taste apart from having some health beneficial quality.  

Ghee possesses some amazing benefits when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy. When Ghee is taken in the right quantity, it can help an individual in improving their health and boosts up the fitness score as well of that particular individual.

Today, there are several companies (branded as well as local) that offer ghee in the market. There are several brands that offer quality over quantity.

If you are aware of the few best names of ghee brands, that’s great. But, in case you are not aware of some good ghee brands, we are here to help you with it!

Most of the time, people get confused over which should be the preferred brand for purchasing ghee. We have come up with a list of the best ghee in India. Check out the top-rated ghee brands and purchase the one which is beneficial for your health and delicious.

Benefits of Ghee

There are multiple benefits of Ghee which you can consider. We are listing some topmost benefits which one can have by consuming Ghee:

  • They are rich in vitamins.
  • Improve digestion.
  • They produce butyric acid which improves the immune system.
  • It helps in burning the fat.

Before we proceed with the names of the best ghee in India, Let us help you in clearing a few doubts which may arise in your mind!

There might be few questions, which you would definitely like to get answered before you make any purchase from the brands of best ghee brands in India such as:

  • How to know if the ghee is real or duplicate?
  • If organic and desi ghee are the same or not?
  • With so many different brands in the market, how to know which is the best ghee brand?

Well, you just need not to worry anymore as we have come up with all your doubts  answered with the list of best ghee in India!  This list is based on proper research and ratings on few popular ecommerce sites.

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Best Ghee Brands in India

Let’s get started with the top brands of ghee which are available in the Indian market.

1. Amul Ghee


Amul is one of the popular and trusted brands when it comes to dairy products. Amul Ghee is one of the most prestigious brands in India.

With purity and quality up to the mark, it is one of the most in-demand ghee brands in India. This brand is thoroughly tested and approved by health professionals for daily use. 

It is one of the easily available ghee in the market with affordable ranges as per the quantity.

2. Mother Dairy Ghee


Mother Dairy is one of the prestigious name for dairy products.

When you want ghee from a trusted brand, you can blindly go for Mother Dairy Ghee which is pure, delicious, and healthy. 

This is one of the most affordable ghee brands in India.

3. Patanjali Cow Ghee


With the wide spanning of Patanjali products across the world, Patanjali has also introduced ghee from the same brand.

This brand is one of the most popular among Indians. The taste of this ghee is delicious and is one of the healthiest ghee brands in India.

Made from pure milk cream, it is one of the largest consumed product brands in India.

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4. Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee

It is one of the famous brands in India. The ghee from this brand is completely pure and healthful.

Nestle Ghee is one of the most trusted and delicious ghee brand in India.

This Ghee is also available at affordable rates in the Indian market which can be purchased easily from nearby stores or online.

5. Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee


Aashirvaad is one of the Best Ghee Brands in India for edible products. Atta of Aashirvaad brand is much more delicious than any other product.

Ghee from this brand is super delicious and one cant avoid Aashirvaad ghee when it’s at home!

Get the brand new Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee home and enjoy your meals.

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6. Organic India Cow Ghee

this is one of the famous brands where you can get organic ghee. It has amazing taste and is one of the healthiest ghee brands in India

This Cow ghee is one of the best ghee in India.  This brand claims that it’s 100% organic and is made up of pure cow milk.

7. Farm Naturelle Desi Cow Ghee


This is one of the most delicious ghee brands in India. One can easily dine simple food with this finger licking ghee. It is a pure desi cow ghee which is healthy and available easily in the market.

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These are the top 7 ghee brands that are most popular in India which offers purity and taste at the same time.

Ghee is nutritious and one must include ghee in their diet. With the best ghee brands listed above, it is now pretty much simpler for any individual to purchase good ghee for themselves.

Easy availability, delicious taste, and purity – all of these features are the most desirable and available in the above-listed ghee brands.

Have you tried any other brands for the best ghee in India? Share your top list for best ghee brands in India with us and we would love to know few more good brands within India,

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