Top 9+ Best Keyboards For Gaming In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

If you are a Pro Gamer, you must need a strongly configured Laptop or Desktop. But if you are not a pro-gamer; and you just love to play games like me, then a budget desktop or Laptop is enough for you. But for Gaming, a Gaming keyboard is an absolutely essential thing, which I always prefer. So here we will discuss the Top 10 Best Keyboards For Gaming In India 2021.

Without A Gaming Keyboard, you never experience the exact feel of Gaming. Fascinating backlit, clicking key sound, dedicated keys for control the music play, Multimedia keys, multimedia shortcuts, full-size aggressive pattern, and shape.

Meanwhile, if you are using a normal boring, old school type keyboard for gaming, then you never ever understand the actual feeling of gaming.

So without wasting any time let’s get down to list a few which are actually the best in the market.

List of Best Keyboards For Gaming In India 2021

1. AmazonBasics Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


First on the list of Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is AmazonBasics Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

AmazonBasics Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the best selling keyboards on Amazon.

Key Features

  • The switch life is at least 10 million hits (As per company claims).
  • It has up to 15 programmable macros keys, five dedicated keys (G1 to G5).
  • Available Anti-ghosting keys.
  • Customizable RGB backlit with lighting effects.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

2. CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard with Wrist Rest


The next on the list of Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is CORSAIR K55.

CORSAIR K55 Keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards in the market. It comes with Media Controls keys and Wrist Rest.

Key Features

  • It has up to 6 programmable macro keys.
  • Very responsive and pretty Quiet keys there.
  • 3 RGB Backlit (Red, Blue, and Green) with immersive lighting effects mode available.
  • Dedicated multimedia controls and volume keys.
  • Anti-ghosting key.
  • 2 Years Warranty.

3. Zebronics Zeb-Magnus USB Gaming Keyboard


One of the Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is Zebronics Zeb Magnus Gaming keyboard.

Zebronics Zeb Magnus Gaming keyboard is also very popular in India, because of its pricing.

Key Features

  • The switch life is at least 10 million hits (As per company claims).
  • 5 Dedicated Multimedia keys.
  • Customizable 3 Macro keys.
  • Multicolor backlit with 4 different modes.
  • This keyboard has a Rupee (₹) key.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic Wired Gaming Keyboard


Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 is a very decent gaming keyboard that comes with an aluminum body.

Key Features

  • Fully Aluminum build body.
  • A total of 7 color RGB Backlit and 9 backlight effects modes are there.
  • The anti-ghosting key is available.
  • Dedicated Multimedia keys.
  • 1 year warranty.

You will get everything in this price range. Therefore, I recommend this product to everyone.

5. Logitech Prodigy G213 Gaming Keyboard


The next on the list of Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is Logitech Prodigy G213.

Logitech Prodigy G213 is one of the fastest gaming keyboards. It is up to 4x faster than standard keyboards.

Key Features

  • Very responsive keys.
  • Dedicated media control keys.
  • Fully Spill-resistant.
  • Customizable RGB backlit with 16.8 Million Colors.
  •  Palm rest support.
  • 2 Years warranty.

Above all, it’s a very normal and sober-looking keyboard for gaming.

6. HyperX Alloy HX-KB5ME2 Gaming Keyboard


The next on the list of Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is HyperX Alloy HX-KB5ME2.

HyperX Alloy HX-KB5ME2, this keyboard is my first recommendation For the Top 10 Best Keyboards For Gaming In India 2021.

Key Features

  • 5 RGB Backlit (pink, blue, green, yellow, and red) with awesome lighting effects.
  • Very Quiet and responsive keys there.
  • Anti-ghosting option is also available.
  • This keyboard is spill resistance.
  • 2 Years warranty.

7. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


One of the Best Keyboards For Gaming In India is Logitech G413.

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is also the best selling keyboard on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Dedicated media control keys.
  • Fully Mechanical keys.
  • Anti-Ghosting Option is there.
  • Include Gaming Software by Logitech.
  • 2 Years Warranty.

8. Redgear MK881 Invador Professional Mechanical Keyboard


Redgear MK881 Gaming Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. This keyboard holds more than 4-star ratings on amazon. This one is also very cost-effective.

Key Features

  • RGB Backlit keyboard with 8 mode lighting effects.
  • The key design is floating.
  • Anti-Ghosting key option is there.
  • Very responsive keys.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

9. Redgear Blaze 3 Gaming Keyboard


Redgear Blaze 3 Gaming Keyboard is another good option for gamers. This one is a budget keyboard for every gamer. So if you have not enough money for buying a costly keyboard, go for this.

Key Features

  • 3 color backlit.
  • Aluminum Body.
  • Anti-Ghosting key.
  • The switch life is at least 10 million hits (As per company claims).
  • 1 Year Warranty.

10. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Mechanical Keyboard


Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is another good option for our Top 10 Best Keyboards For Gaming In India 2021 list.

Key Features

  • Anti-Ghosting and Windows Lock Key.
  • Aluminum Body.
  • Multimedia Hotkeys are also available.
  •  RGB backlit with 10 different lighting effects.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Buyer’s Guide (What you look into a Gaming Keyboard)

If you are A Gamer or if you have a gaming PC rig, then A keyboard plays a major factor in your system. Now the question is, what makes our gaming keyboard so special? An how can you decide which one is right for you? I will tell you here, which factor you may consider for it. So you can find just the right type for your gaming style.

3 Major factors of a Gaming Keyboard

1. Keyboard Size

The first factor is Size. I guess, you guys are already noticed, that few keyboards have a lot of extra keys than the others. For example, the laptop keyboard keys are less and small because the size of the screen usually dictates how many buttons will fit on the keyboard. Only because of this reason, laptop keyboards are always small than Desktop keyboards.

A full-size keyboard has 104 or 105 keys, including the dedicated function multi-media keys, and a set of four directional cursor keys. The full-size keyboards are wide in style, and depending on your work surface, it may be too big. Some gamers find that the number pad puts too much space between the keys they need to use with their left hand and the mouse. But if that number pad is important for you, then a full-size keyboard is the one and only way to go for it.

2. Keyboard Switch Type (Membrane OR Mechanical)

The second most important part is the keyboard type. By that, we mean the way that the keys register that they’ve been pressed, and how they feel and sound when they’re pressed. The most used keyboards are Membrane keyboards, which are easily available on the market.

Membrane keyboards are inexpensive for making and possible to make for very thin designs, it works with the layer of rubber or silicone that acts as both the spring and the electrical contact. These types of keyboards are very versatile, but on the other hand, the keys are not so responsive or faster. Also, you must press the key fully, otherwise, sometimes it won’t work.

So for gamers, this spongy or squishy feel, coupled with a small amount of key travel, simply isn’t accurate enough for their needs.

Mechanical keyboards are a bit expensive. These switches have their individual holding, springs, stems, and provide a click that strongly noticeable. You can also feel the moment the mechanism connects with the electrical contact. Each switch has a different spring, that’s why they are very responsive. This is what actually Gamers like the most.

If you are serious about gaming, then you will probably need a mechanical keyboard, if you don’t have one already. They’re not only more precise, and with better feedback, they’re also way tougher than standard keyboards. Maximum mechanical keys can survive at least more than 40-50 million hits.

Note: Above all, one more type of switch is also available “Scissor-Switch Keyboards or rubber dome switch”. But this is basically used in laptops, and here we will discuss the desktop computers keyboards, that’s why I skip this switch type.

3. Customization and Dedicated Buttons

The right gaming keyboard can give you extra satisfaction when it comes to speed and your personal preferences. Some keyboards come with dedicated extra buttons. Usually this type of button always on the left side of the keyboard. These are pre-programmed buttons, which called macro buttons.

If you playing complex games like “World of Warcraft,” you normally have to type a command or use your mouse to click a specific icon, to fire off a macro. By assigning a macro to a keyboard macro button, a single keystroke is all you need. A huge convenience, especially if reaction times need to be short.

Anti-Ghosting also plays a big role in Gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards are built to support up to a specific number of simultaneous presses, for example, “n-key rollover,” where n is the number of keys that can be pressed at the same time. You won’t need a keyboard that can support every single key pressed simultaneously, but the higher than “n” number, the more flexible the gaming keyboard will be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of keyboard is the best for gaming?

If you are really serious about gaming, then the one-word answer is Mechanical keyboardsBut always remember Mechanical keyboards are a little bit expensive. So if you have enough money to buy a good Mechanical keyboard, then go for it. Corsair and Logitech is a very well known company, and their gaming keyboards are worldwide famous.

But if you don’t have money for buying an expensive keyboard, then you can easily try Membrane keyboards.

Wired or wireless keyboard, which one is better for gaming?

The maximum gaming keyboards available in the market are wired keyboards since they are more responsive than wireless. In other words, the wireless keyboard is better for normal office use or personal use.

In conclusion: Without any doubt choose A wired keyboard.

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