Top 9 Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021

Friends, you must be wondering why I am writing about the Top 9 Best Refrigerator Brands in India. The reason is a lot of my readers and well-wishers have suggested, I guide them about selecting the right brand.

After reading my other painstakingly written article Top 9 Best Refrigerator in India 2021.


Being a consumer myself, I know for sure that, buying the right refrigerator for your family can also be a formidable.

And daunting task; you already know why I am saying this right. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s your hard-earned money after all.

Firstly, there are so many refrigerator brands to choose from. All claiming to offer the best quality product.

secondly, you also need to keep in mind that if it goes bad, which refrigeration brand provides the best quality after-sales service.

List of Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021

Best Refrigerator Brand in India

So let’s just find out which of the brands are meeting those criteria. After all brands are all about trust and loyalty and sticking to it once you are satisfied.

1. Samsung Refrigerator (Best Selling Refrigerator Brand in India)


Samsung refrigerator is one of the fastest-growing and Best refrigerator brands in India. Its manufacturing unit is located in Noida, UP, which started its operation in 2003.

Samsung was the pioneer to launch a frost-free refrigerator with a 4-star energy efficiency rating.

From single door refrigerators to double door, you name it and Samsung tops the chart.

Samsung is coming up with the Anti-bacterial gasket, Digital Inverter Technology. Auto smart connects and Ice beam cooling options have revolutionized the modern world.

The Samsung model also has Smart Convertible options that help turn the freezer into a refrigerator when needed.

The one thing which Samsung is always proud of is its after sales customer service.

The Latest Samsung refrigerator models are also featuring Digital displays that can change temperature control settings or switch on Power Cool to cool items rapidly.

2. LG Refrigerator


LG is 2nd on the list of Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021.

LG as a company was originally established in 1958 as Goldstar, producing radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines etc.

LG’s Vision had always been to become a worldwide leader in digital electronics without compromising on customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior after sales service.

LG refrigerator comes with Multi Digital Sensors technology which facilitates to keep a track of both inner and outside temperature to maintain consistency of temperature inside, Inverter Linear Compressor feature, Anti-bacterial deodorization, Auto defrost feature, Multi Air Flow Cooling system.

LG has introduced SmartThinQ and Smart Diagnosis to their high end machines, which has the technology to check the performance of the refrigerator.

If they detect any issue, then with the help of this SmartThinQ and Smart Diagnosis, service centers could be contacted automatically through an app to fix the issue.

Their after-sales service is simply outstanding and leaves the Customer satisfied at the end of the day.

All these aspects put all together make LG one of the most trusted brands in the home appliances industry and preferred by millions of customers.

3. Godrej Refrigerator (Budget Refrigerator Brand in India)


The next position in the list of Best Refrigerator Brands in India is occupied by Godrej.

Godrej Refrigerator was introduced in 1958 under Godrej appliances, which is a subsidiary of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Since then it has become quite a well known brand and their refrigerators are found almost in every households.

Mostly in middle class people because they have always made an effort to provide best quality refrigerator at affordable prices.

In fact, they were the first to introduce the best budget refrigerators in India. Carbon palladium deodorizer present in Godrej refrigerators removes odor and gets rid of ethylene gas present in the refrigerator.

Food stays fresh for a longer period, the vegetables and food are prevented from decomposition thereby.

Some of the features and technology included in their refrigerators are stabilizer free, auto defrosts, patented cool shower technology, Inverter linear compressor, Express freezing, Multi digital sensors, and many more.

4. Whirlpool Refrigerator (Oldest Refrigerator Brand in India)

Whirlpool is an American multinational brand and is one of the oldest refrigerator brands in India.

Whirlpool established the first Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry, where it manufactured washing machines.

In 1995, Whirlpool acquired Kelvinator India Limited, which in itself was an established refrigerator brand. Thus they made an entry into the refrigerator market as well.

 Some of the exceptional features that comes with the whirlpool refrigerator brand is 6th sense dynamic fresh technology, and also has fresh flow Flexi-vents with anti-bacterial filters to maintain consistent cooling.

They also do have Natural Moisture Retention, which consists of air boosters, Prevents Microbial Growth, and of course Auto defrost Frost feature, which helps to stop the building of ice automatically.

Whirlpool’s refrigerator requires minimum maintenance in the long run. It provides a wide range of refrigerators.

Whirlpool refrigerators have made a name for themselves in terms of power efficiency, since they consume very less electricity and always get a 3 star rating and above.

Whirlpool refrigerators for over decades now, has been one of the most trusted brands of refrigerators in the Indian household section.

5. Haier Refrigerator (Value for money Refrigerator Brand in India)

The next on this list of Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021 is Haier.

Haier Electronics’ headquarter in Hong Kong was founded in 1984. The company manufactures Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, and many more appliances.

Haier produced only a single model of the refrigerator in the year 1984. Today it is one of the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers.

Haier refrigerators come with the latest technology and feature like Smart Convertible options which help in making the freezer a fridge when required, humidity control, a Digital control system for temperature, an anti-fungal gasket along a door lock system, Dr. Fido app for customer support,  etc.

Latest Haier refrigerators are equipped with the icing technology feature, which can bring down the temperature of freezer up to -5 degree Celsius in just 1 hour.

In terms of energy efficiency and star ratings as well Haier refrigerators are not too far behind the best in the market, yet they are one of those brands that are providing the latest technology refrigerators at a very affordable and cost-effective price.

6. Bosch Refrigerator

Another Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021 is Bosch Refrigerator.

Bosch is a world renowned German multinational company, famous for producing top class high quality electronics products.

If you want to experience best refrigerator performance on your home comfort, then the legendary German brand Bosch is for you.

Bosch provides censor based vario compressor with German engineering at its core.

They also have Electronics temperature control with a touch screen controller. And vita fresh German technology for freshness, which maintains the original flavor, texture, and appearance of fruits and vegetables.

Bosch also provides massive storage capacity in their refrigerators.

Some added benefits and features are Easy Shelf, toughened Safety glass, LED Lights, etc.

Bosch is considered and highly regarded as a made in Germany premium brand and it gives very few customers scope to complaint about their product.

7. Hitachi Refrigerator


Hitachi Ltd. is a Japanese based multinational company. It has been innovating and manufacturing supreme class home appliances products for over a century now.

Hitachi was founded in 1910 by an engineer named Namihei Odaira in Ibaraki, Japan

Later on, in the 1930s Hitachi started its operations in India, by inaugurating different business outlets all across the country.

Gradually, Hitachi established its footholds in various businesses catering to a diverse portfolio.

Hitachi refrigerators are known to be technology driven inspired by the passion of innovation.

Some of those are the Vitafresh technology that prevents the loss of amino acids and other vital vitamins in food.

Hitachi showcases three types of refrigerators; Double door, Side by side, and the French door refrigerators.

They are one of the most sought after and trusted Refrigerator brands in India.

8. Panasonic Refrigerator

Panasonic is 8th on the list of Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021.

Panasonic is yet another Japanese electronics company which was established in 1918.

This company initially started and was one of the pioneers to produce audio speakers, but later on, excelled in all departments with a brand vision of creating a sound for the world.

It was in the year of 1972, that Panasonic started its operations in India.

In a conquest to capture the Indian market and expand Panasonic began its expansions plans strategically in the year of 2008. Since, then, it has been no looking back for the company.

The Technology that Panasonic has bring in on the customer plate is Econavy and inverter technology, Touch control Panel, Centre Vegetable case, Gentle surround cooling and prime fresh.

The latest models of Panasonic refrigerator come with 2 Door Bottom Freezer. They believe in constantly upgrading their technology based on the customers’ needs.

9. Videocon Refrigerator

Videocon Industries Limited started its operations based in Mumbai India founded in 1979. The Videocon group consider themselves as a family of more than 10,000 employees.

The company operates in four segments: Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances, Crude Oil and Natural Gas, Telecommunications, and Power.

The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and also has their presence in the form of manufacturing plants in China, Poland, Italy and Mexico.

Videocon Refrigerators are still vastly popular in sub-urban and also rural households, due to their affordability but not compromising on the product quality.

Some latest models of Videocon refrigerators are also coming up with the In-built inverter technology and digital temperature control to stay upbeat in the cut-throat competition market.

They may lack the flair and the aura of LG or a Samsung, but still widely purchased by the middle-class segment just like its other Indian counterpart Godrej in the refrigerator section.

10. BPL Refrigerator (Bonus Refrigerator Brand)

BPL (British Physical Laboratories) is an Indian company, which was founded in 1963. Their home appliances section was started in 1982.

BPL was one of the first companies to introduce television in India along with Onida.

BPL diversified into home appliance business in collaboration with Sanyo. It also started manufacturing kitchen appliances from 1994.

In the year of 2005, BPL entered into a joint venture with Sanyo for CTV manufacture and distribution.

BPL refrigerators had come up with technologies like; frost free silent technology, transparent vegetable crisper, Multi Air Flow, LED touch buttons, Quick Freeze and many more.

BPL 690 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator is the highest seller refrigerator in the market right now.

Best Refrigerator Brand in India – Buyer’s Guide


Types of Refrigerators

Refrigerators come in five different types, and they are as follows:

Single Door Refrigerator


Single Door Refrigerators are still the most widely used refrigerators in India.

They come in a capacity of 150 liters to 250 liters. It has a single door with the freezer featuring inside the refrigerator. They are economical as well.

  • Direct Cool.
  • Manual Defrost.
  • Ideal for small families.
  • Digital Auto defrost is also found in a few latest models.

Double Door Refrigerator

Best-Double-Door-Refrigerators-in India

Double Door Refrigerators are also called Top Mount Refrigerators. The freezer has a separate door, separate heating element takes care about the formation of frost and you do not have to worry it. That’s why they are also called frost free refrigerators.

  • Frost Free.
  • Separate Freezer mounted on Top.
  • Large Freezer as compared to a single door.
  • Capacity 250 liters to 650 liters.

Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator

The freezer box is designed at the bottom of these types of refrigerators. The features are almost the same as the double door with a larger freezer space; except that it consumes more electricity as compared to the double door.

  • Frost Free.
  • Freezer on the bottom.
  • The freezer is more spacious.
  • Capacity 250 liters to 600 liters.
  • Consumes more electricity.

Triple Door Refrigerator

Any refrigerator which has more than two compartments is a multi door refrigerator. They are mostly used in larger families and in food chains and restaurants. But they consume more electricity.

  • Freezer on the Top.
  • Consumes more space, as it is taller.
  • Consume more electricity.
  • The larger separate vegetable compartment at the bottom.
  • Capacity 250 liters to 550 liters.

Side by Side Refrigerator


Side by Side refrigerators are also called French door refrigerators.

They are more effective and spacious than any other refrigerators that we have discussed so far. Some models come with water/ice dispenser.

  • Frost Free and more spacious.
  • More than two doors and chambers.
  • Multiple freezers and fruit storage outlets.
  • Capacity 500 liters to 800 liters.
  • Consume more electricity.

Categorization based on Defrost Type

Based on the defrosting technology refrigerators can be categorized as:

Direct Cool Refrigerator

Single Door refrigerators which do not have separate freezer runs on this mechanism; that is why they are called Direct Cool Refrigerator.

  • Instant Cooling capacity
  • More Pocket Friendly
  • Manual Defrosting mechanism
  • Smaller in size than Frost free
  • Consumes less energy

Frost Free Refrigerator

Manual defrosting is not required for the Frost Free refrigerators. The come in much bigger size as compared to the Direct Cool Refrigerator.

  • More on the expensive side
  • Completely Frost Free
  • Consumes More Electricity
  • Bigger in size than Direct Cool Refrigerator

Convertible Refrigerator

The main concept of convertible refrigerator has originated from the winters when most families do not require a freezer especially in north India.

Moreover, if you are a vegetarian, then you do not require all storing frozen foods like fish and meat.

That is why the convertible refrigerator can help you in converting a freezer compartment into a regular freeze portion, so that you can store more fruits and vegetables and other cooked items.

In a convertible refrigerator, the freezer box unit and the refrigeration compartment are independent of each other.

Different Functioning Mode for Convertible Refrigerators

  • Normal Mode

The refrigerator works as a regular fridge by default in this mode.

  • Seasonal Mode

During the winter season, you do not need to keep the freezer on all the time. By keeping it powered on; it unnecessarily consumes more power. You can change the settings in a convertible refrigerator and convert the freezer into a normal fridge.

  • Party Mode

Just before a sudden party, if you are under prepared , and you need fast ice making fridge, then just turn on the party mode on your refrigerator. This will enable the freezer and the fridge compartment at optimum power.

The names of these different modes can be different and can vary with a different manufacturer.

Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology works on the principle of reducing the load of the refrigerator. They actually never turn off the compressor, because every time it turns off and on, it creates some pressure load on the compressor.

Instead, it adjusts its power and how much cooling to go for based on inside and outside temperature.

It does all the adjustments by itself. When the temperature falls below the set levels, the inverter will automatically switch the compressor to a less moderate capacity.

That’s why they are referred to the as smart or intelligent compressor. This saves a considerable amount of electricity.

It had been observed that inverter technology does 20 – 30% less electricity consumption. Thereby it is more pocket friendly.

Uniform Cooling Technology

Since the time when refrigerators came in India, in the 80s, 90s we are used to seeing refrigerators of single door models.

Where you could see that the cooling takes place only near the freezer compartment, where ice is been made.

That’s why the best places are not uniformly cooled.

Modern Refrigerators are made with Uniform Cooling Technology used, where there are multiple air vents located and strategic places to ensure that cooling takes place at each and every corner of the refrigerator.

Even if you open and close the refrigerator door frequently cooling is not disturbed with the aid of this technology.

  • Whirlpool has 3D Airflow technology.
  • Haier refrigerators are equipped with the 360-degree airflow
  • LG refrigerators have Ice Beam Door Cooling technology with cooling 35% faster than conventional systems.
  • Samsung, Godrej, and Hitachi models had featured dual fans to discretely cool the fridge and freezer.

Customizable Interiors

Modern day refrigerators are coming with toughened glass shelves that are capable of withstanding loads up to 175 kg.

Whenever spillage happens, these shelves make sure that it does not seep through to the other places.

You can even keep kitchen utensils inside your refrigerator in the adjustable shelves.

Also, modern-day refrigerators come with bottle rack which can accommodate water bottles and other large bottles like beer bottles inside your refrigerator.

Similarly polybag suspenders with hooks can also be used to hang frozen items.

Customizable interiors help to a large extent and that is why this kind of refrigerators are becoming popular.


Sometimes your fridge can smell bad because of rotten vegetables or fruits or meat or fish. Deodorizer keeps the fridge from smelling bad.

The deodorizer removes the odor particles to keep the air fresh by well ventilation.

Before buying your fridge, you can always check if your refrigerator has the deodorizer option or not.

Vegetable Crispers

Moisture absorbing technology is very important nowadays to keep your fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh.

Whirlpool was the first to introduce this technology and it slowly revolutionized the industry.

Nowadays, latest refrigerator models are coming up with the Advanced

Zeolite Technology, which takes care of fruits not to get over ripened.

LED Lights

LED lights are more long-lasting and they are more energy saving since they consume less power than the conventional lights inside the fridge.

Even modern refrigerators are featuring with led lights inside the freezer.

Modern day refrigerators are coming up with the motion-sensing lights that automatically switch on when you open the refrigerator.

Power cuts

We all know, what happens during power cuts. Firstly, the food will get spoilt, if there is a load shedding for a longer duration like 8-12 hours.

Moreover, on top of that, when electricity resumes, there could be a spike or a surge in the voltage due to which your refrigerator might get damaged.

Godrej was the first to introduce the stay cool technology, which kept freezer cold even during power cuts. This actually revolutionized the refrigeration industry.

The modern refrigerator models like LG, Samsung, Godrej, Hitachi, and Whirlpool followed the trend and introduced similar kinds of technology where with the aid of the cooling gel technology.

This happens with the help of cold gas which is released inside the refrigerator from the cooling gels.

Water Dispensers

Some models come with inbuilt water/ice dispenser. You will find this mostly in the side-by-side door refrigerators.

You can fill up your glass using the water dispenser. Thus, you do not have to open the fridge to get your glass of cold water.

Conclusion of Best Refrigerator Brands in India

I have earnestly, tried to cover and include all the aspects of the Best Refrigerator Brand in India.

All the products listed here have been chosen with a great deal of nitty-gritty only after detailed research and going through their hundreds of user reviews.

Finally, I am eagerly waiting to hear more from you. Please do drop in your valuable comments after going through this article post on Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to me so that I can learn more from you and we can be mutually benefitted.

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