Top 5 Best Sad Anime Movies of All Time

Friends, I am back again with some exciting Anime movies, which will make you shed tears of happiness. Top 5 Best Sad Anime Movies of All Time has been an inspirational post based on the reader’s response, which I got for Top 19 Greatest and Best Anime Movies of All Time. I am sure you are going to enjoy it for sure.


I am so happy to tell you that my Top 19 Greatest and Best Anime Movies of All Time is getting much acclaim and positive response from the Anime lovers worldwide.

Anime is a style of hand-drawn and computer animation originating in Japan.

What is fascinating is that they have still been able to preserve the tradition of hand-drawing in this ultra-modern age, yet been able to produce Anime movies which attract huge audience all around the globe.

Best Sad Anime Movies 2021

So, why would you want to watch sad Anime movies? Why do you want tears to come out of your cheeks and go to bed with a sad feeling?

The Answer is plain and simple. These are tears of happiness.

 A sad movie which makes you happy is an art of the purest of form and is a rarity nowadays. So without wasting any time; let’s start the topic of Best Sad Anime Movies 2021.

1. Grave of the Fireflies

No one, on this earth who knows a little bit about Anime, can miss this movie from his or her list of Best Sad Anime Movies of all time.

Grave of the Fireflies is an epic Anime story written by Akiyuki Nosaka and Directed by Isao Takahata and produced by Studio Ghibli.

Set in the background of World War II, the story will open your eyes about the aftermath of war.

Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest anime films ever made, which during the movie; shows the eventual demise of two children – Seita and Setsuko.

Story line:

Shortly after the war, Seita dies of starvation in the Kobe train station, while two Janitors came and inspected the bodies that died out of hunger and starvation.

They were found to treat those bodies almost as inhuman objects. Then suddenly, a janitor throws a candy jar that belonged to Seita.

His younger sister Setsuko comes out of the tin and is joined by Seita’s spirit also joined by some fireflies.

After the horrifying death of their mother, Seita and Setsuko come to their aunt’s house. But in subsequent days, they decided to leave their Aunt’s house, since they were not helping their Aunt in earning.

They came to an abandoned bomb shelter and open a box to release fireflies for light. The next day Seita, finds Setsuko to bury the fireflies in the grave and both of them cries together.

In due course of time Setsuko falls ill due to malnutrition and she eventually dies. Seita cremates Setsuko’s body and carries her ashes in the candy tin.

If you want to watch a movie; the after effect and fragrance of which you want remember for long, then this epic Anime on the story written by Akiyuki Nosaka, is the one recommended for you.

Grave of the Fireflies stands as one of the saddest but most romantic journey and the demise of two war inflicted food-deprived pure-hearted children of god Seita and Setsuko.

2. Wolf Children


The Wolf Children is an Anime movie about a woman named Hana, who falls in love with a man, who later reveals that he has been hiding the fact that he can transform into a wolf.

Eventually, she gives birth to two children; Yuki and Ame, who also have a similar wolf gene. But her mother tries to raise them like human children.

Their father gets killed in an accident while hunting food for their children. That is where the story begins. Hana’s life as a single mother begins.

She moves to the countryside in pursue of raising their children. It is the struggle in her life which she endures. She desperately wants to change their kid’s life.  Provide them with a better tomorrow.

The adults can actually associate themselves with Hana, since she has to protect their children and raise them well, even knowing that they are half wolves and if the world comes to know about it, then they may be out casted

This isn’t a movie for the kids. This is a movie for all ages. If you have kids, I am sure, you can really relate to it.

There are moments in the film, where the mother learning how to plow and do farming to feed their children.

You just see Hana struggle to provide food for her children and this is a very hard moment to be for any parents.

That’s the real beauty of this movie. Watch it and you will witness one of the Greatest and Best Sad Anime Movies of All Time.

3. 5 Centimeters Per Second (Best Sad Anime Ever)

5 Centimeters per Second is yet another romantic but sad story directed by Makoto Shinkai famous for the blockbuster movie- Your Name.

The plot of the story is based on the beginning of the 1990s up until the present day, revolving around the central character of the film; a boy named Takaki Tōno.

You are surely going to gain sympathy towards Takaki, as you continue watching the movie. There were episodes in the movie, and each episode has its own uniqueness.

It’s the pain and anguish that they experience between the boy and the girl (Akari), which differentiates the movie from the rest. Despite their separation, they promise to write letters to each other.

When there is heavy snowfall and Takaki was waiting for Akari in the railway station, he felt that the weather god and the world is against their love. He thinks that Akari has gone home because of the cold and snowfall.

But to his surprise, he lifts his head to find that Akari is still there, thus he started to believe that they will endure in their love.

The story ends with a sad note when one day Takaki met Akari on a train crossing they met thirteen years ago.

He remembered that it’s the same place they promised to watch the cherry blossoms when they were teens.

But as Takaki waits until the passing trains which cut off their view are gone by, he finds that Akari is no longer there. Thus concludes the saddest end to the story and makes it a spot in Best Sad Anime Movies Ever.

4. In this Corner of the World


This is another war time movie, which will break you into tears. The film story is set in the 1930’s of Hiroshima and Kure in Japan.

This is about a young and passionate girl named Suzu who loves nature. Suzu is also passionate about and loves to draw and paint. Suzu moves in from Hiroshima to Kure to marry Shuusaku, who works in the local naval base.

This movie is an adaptation of the manga of the same name written by Fumiyo Kouno. It is a slice of life love story with romance, sadness, and drama sprinkled in.

But, ultimately tragedy steps in; Suze tries her level best to support her family during the US bombings happening during the wartime.

Sadness, fear of the loss and death of her loved ones, prevails all across her life. There is a nerve-wracking scene in the movie, where the poor little girl stayed by her mother’s side until her corpse gets completely rotten.

These are actually some stressful and daunting scenes in the movie which you have to witness with a tissue paper in your eyes entitling it for a spot in Best Sad Anime Movies.

The narration and storytelling of the movie have been excellent, the real tragedy will rip your heart at the end when the story reaches its climax, which creates the epilogue of a truly emotional story. 

5. A Silent Voice

The Last and final entry in our list of 5 Best Sad Movies of All Time is A Silent Voice.

This breathtaking story revolves around the lead Shoya Ishida. During his school days, Shoko Nishimiya used to bully his deaf classmate named Shoko Nishimiya on every chance which he gets making fun of her.

This eventually causes the girl to leave school. Now the irony is, he also became a victim of bullying out by his schoolmates because of his actions towards the girl.

So out of her karma and guilt feeling, he tries to find the girl so that he could help her and seek some kind of redemption.

There are many heart-wrenching scenes in this movie. It is extremely difficult to watch sometimes.

This is a movie about finding the right path to make changes and resurrect in one’s existence via way of means of looking for redemption.

If you want to look for an effective anti-bullying message in a storyline then A silent voice is the have to watch the film for you.

Final thoughts on 5 Best Sad Anime Movies of All Time

So, Friends, these are my choice of the Top 5 Best Sad Anime Movies of All Time.

I am sure that some of you would be upset that your favorite movie is not listed on this list.

Please don’t be. If so, hit the comments button below and let it all out. Any suggestions are always welcome to modify this list.

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