Top 10 Best Tea Brands in India 2021 – Some Unique Facts & Benefits

In this blog post, we will talk about the top 10 Best Tea Brands in India 2021. And Some unique facts about the India Tea industry, Benefits of Tea.


“You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that is kind of the same thing.”

This is a funny saying used by tea lovers and it is actually kind of true to those who love drinking tea.

The rainy season, music, snacks, and a hot cup of tea can make you forget all your worries and will let you enjoy life to the fullest.

Tea was basically originated in the china region but is loved by the whole world.

There are innumerable tea brands in India due to the love of Indian people for tea and based on their feedback we have listed together a few of the Best Tea brands in India.

Some Unique Facts About Indian Tea Industry

  • We have approximately 1655 registered tea manufacturers in India.
  • Total 2008 registered tea exporters are there in the Indian tea business.
  • More than 5000 registered tea buyers are in India.
  • We also have 9 auction centers for tea in India.

Benefits of Tea


Tea is a beverage prepared by leaves of Camellia sinensis tea plant. Other than the good taste, it has many benefits that are good for health. Check some of those benefits listed below:

  • Tea reverses the sign of Anti-ageing on the skin.
  • Tea protects our nervous system and builds our metabolism.
  • It has anti-cancer potential.
  • Tea decreases depression and improves mental health.
  • It decreases fatigue and stress levels.
  • Tea builds our immunity and also helps in weight loss.

Few things to consider before you choose the Tea Brand


There are hundreds of Tea Brands in India and each one has many things to offer.

But we need to be sure while buying one to get the Best Tea brands in India. There are some tips listed below to use while buying tea:

Taste: the main thing to check while buying a tea is what it tastes like. A Tea tastes more or less the same, but some of them are strong or light and you can buy them based on what you like.

Cost: One important factor for tea to be famous other than the taste is that it is not very expensive. Some good tea brands can be a bit costly than the rest but most of them will not be so expensive and everyone can enjoy it.

Type of Tea: You can buy Tea based on what your need is: White Tea, Black tea, Skinny tea, etc.

List of Top 10 Best Tea Brands in India 2021

  • Tata Tea
  • Red Label Tea
  • Taj Mahal Tea
  • Wagh Bakri Tea
  • Lipton Tea
  • Taaza Tea
  • Tetley Tea
  • Tulsi Green Tea
  • Society Tea
  • Pataka Tea
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Best Tea Brands in India

There are many factors which a tea lover considers before buying their tea or selecting the best Tea brand in India for their use.

Based on these factors, we have listed some best tea brands in India below to help you choose from;

1. Tata Tea


Tata tea comes in the list of leading brands in India for the production of tea with an experience of 30 years.

They are well known and also loved by maximum people in India. Today 4 out of every 5 households use Tata tea in India.

Tata tea keeps the taste preferences and feedback of their customer in mind and that is why they are one of the best tea brands in India.

They have 7 types of Tea products under Tata tea.

2. Red Label Tea (Brooke Bond)

Brooke Bond Red label tea is another best brand for tea in India which is loved and used by the public.

Its tastes and aroma make it the favorite of many tea lovers. It was marketed by Unilever.

It also has three types of products like Red Label Natural Care, Red Label Special, and Red Label Dust. They are also not very expensive and within the budget.

3. Taj Mahal Tea

Wah Taj!” Everyone knows about this advertisement used for this brand and how royal it feels.

It was introduced in 1996 and it has a unique taste and aroma due to the finest tea leaves.

It makes this tea company one of the leading and best brands for tea in India.

4. Wagh Bakri Tea


This tea brand was established in 1892, by Shri Narandas Desai. Currently, the brand is leading in sales all over India.

The Wagh Bakri Tea group also helped other tea brands like Good Morning and Mili. Wagh Bakri Dust Tea, Wagh Bakri Leaf Tea, and Wagh Bakri Fanning Tea are products of the Wagh Bakri Tea.

5. Lipton Tea


Lipton is another famous brand available in the Indian market. Lipton was introduced to the market in 1890 by Thomas Lipton. Later the brand was owned and marketed by Unilever.

Lipton is old age and globally renowned tea brand with sales in more than 100 countries.

Lipton Darjeeling Tea, Lipton Yellow Label, and Lipton Iced Tea Lemon are some of the products of this brand.

6. Taaza Tea

One of the most loved brands by common people is the Taaza tea brand which makes it one of the best tea brands in India.

Its strong and refreshing taste with unique aroma makes it stand in the top 10 list of tea brands in India.

This brand is also a product of Unilever and it has many products like Taaza Leaf, Taaza Dust, and Taaza Gold.

 With a completely unique taste that freshens up your mood, Taaza tea is a complete package. Being one of the most affordable and tasty tea, it is one of the most popular tea brands in India.

7. Tetley Tea

This tea brand is owned by Tata but originally it was created by the Tetley brothers.

Tetley is also a big brand loved in more than 50 countries and used by rich people. This is also the best green tea brand in India.

This tea brand is a bit expensive and is not generally used by common people. The finest tea leaves and buds are blended to give a smooth taste and wonderful aroma.

8. Tulsi Green Tea


Tulsi Green Tea is a unique brand of tea product mostly used by fitness freaks. It was found 30 years ago by Organic India.

In the Indian tea market, it holds a special place as the best tea brand in India.

Health-conscious people like to drink Tulsi Green Tea over the other normal tea products as it helps in losing extra weight and also helps in increasing metabolism.

This is another best green tea brand in India.

Some of the other products of this brand are- Tulsi Cleanse, Tulsi Lax, Tulsi Sleep & Tulsi Tummy.

The anti-aging organic tulsi green tea help in improving immunity against colds and flu apart from getting you more energetic.

Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants, these tea packs are tasteful as well as healthy. Tulsi green tea reduces stress, enhances stamina apart from stimulating and revitalizing. It enhances respiratory function.

9. Society Tea

Society Tea is a very old tea brand in India created by Hasmukh & Co. product in 1993. It is one of the best tea brands in India loved by both the elder & younger generations.

It has an amazing taste & a refreshing scent that removes stress. The brands have created many products like – Society Tea Leaf, Society Tea Premium, Society Dust Tea, Society Ice Tea & Society Tea Instant.

This tea brand is healthy as it contains antioxidants and other nutrients. It is a quality product that is available at affordable rates in the market.

10. Pataka Tea

Pataka Tea is the product created by Pataka Group in 2000. They did a great job in the Indian market and got a lot of appreciation and success due to the taste and aroma of the tea.

It is being loved by the Indian people. Multiple ranges of products were introduced from this tea brand like Pataka Leaf, Pataka Dust & Pataka Mukta.

Conclusion for Best Tea Brands in India

Tea is the most famous drink among Indian people and one sip can change your mood for good, making you energetic and happy as the most tea lovers say. Morning, evening, rainy season or winters cannot go without tea.

We have mentioned one of the top listed and best tea brands in India above. If you have tried any or planning to do then please let us know in the comments about your likes and dislikes for these tea brands.

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