Difference Between Earphones and Headphones


Difference Between Earphone and Headphone or earphone vs headphone, this is our today’s topic. Without a wasting a time, lets start;

The love for music knows no bounds and it is the same for youngsters and oldies. In the old era, music was enjoyed through TV, Radio, Stereos, etc.

But with the evolving technologies and increased use of smartphones, most people use phones to listen to songs and see movies and serials.

They are quite handy and can be used anywhere and anytime. To avoid disturbance and extra noise while listening to music, wireless earphones and headphones were invented. They are like blessings in disguise for music lovers.

Be it listening to music, watching videos, or calling – earphones and headphones are useful for all purposes. It depends on your need what specifications you want to see while buying the earphone or headphone.

Earphones and headphones mostly do the same job but there is a small difference between both of them.

Earphones are small, easy to carry ear pods associated with wires to attach to phones or any device you want to play music in.

They come in different colors and designs with a small mic attached to it which is helpful when you use them for calling purposes. On the other hand, headphones are bigger in size and come like a band to wear on the head.

Headphones come with or without the cord or cable and with a Bluetooth facility. Both Earphones & Headphones come in different budgets with different specifications. Let’s know about each of them Separately:



Earphones are the smaller version of headphones. They are lightweight, small in size and fits directly to your ears.

Earphones don’t have to fit on your head like a band. They are easy to carry and portable due to their small size.

The sound quality of earphones is medium quality compared to headphones.

One of the most important features is noise cancellation. Nowadays new features are coming in earphones and giving the best experience to the music lovers.

There are many different types of earphones coming in the market like earbuds, earplugs etc. They are easily affordable and budget friendly.

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Headphones are the bigger version of earphones with awesome sound quality. They appear like a band to be worn on the head and it covers the outer part of the ear.

The listening experience is better than the earphones as it cancels the outer noise completely and enhances the sound. They have cushions and are attached to the head and ear in such a way that you don’t have to fear losing them while doing any activity like earphones.

They are heavy and bigger in size so not really portable but they are very good if you want to play video games or watch movies. The headphones come in different designs listed below:

The headphones can be a bit expensive and not very budget friendly but it purely depends on the specification you want in your headphone.

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Difference Between Earphones And Headphones


  • Earphones are lightweight, small in size and fits right inside your ear. Sometimes they come with a cable to attach to the phone and in other cases they are called earbuds where there is no cable and they connect with your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Headphones are heavy as compared to earphones and are bigger in size. In this case also they come either with cable or as Bluetooth. They are in the shape of a band with a cushion inside to fit on the head and cover the outer part of the ear to cancel external noise.


  • Earphones are portable as compared to headphones. they are small so they are easy to carry anywhere. You can keep the earphones in your pockets and roam anywhere be it jogging, gaming, sleeping etc.
  • Headphones are bigger in size and heavier in weight as compared to earphones. It cannot be easily ported everywhere. We need a proper space to keep them while travelling as it certainly can’t fit into your pocket.

Sound Quality

  • Earphones are the cheaper version of headphones but they don’t give some features that headphones give like noise cancellation & good sound quality.
  • Headphones remove the external noise as it completely covers your years. It captures the bass tones and gives you a good listening experience. The sound quality is very good compared to earphones and you will love headphones while watching movies and playing games.

Ease of Use

  • Earphones are easy to use and handle due to its lightweight. They can be used anywhere possible.
  • Headphones are not very easy to use as they are heavy, cannot be carried everywhere and not a good experience if worn for a long time.

Noise Cancellation

  • Noise cancellation means removing the extra unnecessary noise that you don’t want to hear when using the earphones or headphones. This feature is not as effective in case of earphones as they are very small and fit inside the ear only.
  • Headphones on the other side have a great noise cancellation facility as they cover our ears and block the extra noise.


  • Earphones are cheap in cost and serve the basic need of headphones, that is why they are more popular than headphones. The range of earphones starts from 100 rupees and above. You can get a decent earphone in approx 300 rupees.
  • Headphones are a bit expensive as compared to earphones, so not many people buy headphones. Not everyone wants to spend money to get great music listening experience. They just want the basic requirement fulfilled like calling, listening and watching videos. So they prefer buying earphones as compared to headphones. The range of headphones start from 500 rupees and above


1. Earphones are cost effective.1. Headphones are a bit expensive.
2. Earphones fit right inside the ears and are easy to carry.2. Headphones cover the outer side of the ears and fits on the head so can be taken to any physical activities like  running, gyming etc.
3. Earphones are easy to use and can fit inside your pocket.3. Headphones give the best sound quality.
4. Earphones are useful in performing multiple tasks like calling, listening to music, watching movies etc.4. Headphones have a special feature of noise cancellation while listening to music.
5. Earphones and earpods are very comfortable.5. Headphones give the best performance in gaming.
6. Earphones provide speedy performance for playback.6. Headphones are good at capturing the bass tunes.


1. Excessive use of earphones can cause pain in the ears.1. Due to heavy weight, headphones can cause pain in the head.
2. Due to no extra support, earpods can fall from the ears.2. Headphones are very expensive and not easily affordable.
3. Excessive use of earphones can affect your brain.3. Headphones with batteries are not very effective as the backup can be low.
4. Earphones can cause ear infection and loss of hearing.4. They are not very compatible with different devices.
5. Earphones can get damage easily and are not very reliable.5. Headphones are not very portable.

Top brands for Earphones & Headphones

In today’s era, everyone is a gadget lover. They love to experiment and try new things. Music lovers always check for the best earphones and headphones to buy and that is why we are listing few top brands for both:

Top Earphone Brands

  • Philips
  • Sony
  • JBL
  • Sennheiser
  • BoAT
  • MI

Top Headphone Brands

  • Bose
  • Sony
  • Sennheiser
  • Audio-Technica
  • Beyerdynamic


Music is the most amazing thing in this world where everybody loves soothing music. Be it religious, rap, or movie songs all are adorable. But when you are listening to music, you must make sure that nobody else is disturbed with your music.

This is why we have shared something important about earphones and headphones. Check out what are the best things you can consider while purchasing earphones or headphones for yourself and for your loved ones.

We have listed the differences between earphones and headphones so that you are aware about what can work best for you. 

Can you share some more differences apart from the listed one above? If yes, please do mention them in comment box given below.

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