How To Use Electric Kettle for Making Tea


Heating water and other liquids have been a challenging task for a lot of us as it involves the complicated procedure of setting up the gas station and using flame for heating.

Especially if you are a student studying in a hostel or a person who needs warm water.

And beverages but your daily life consists of a lot of traveling, but they say it very correctly that technology will change everything and will provide the proper solution to every day to day life problems.

The electric kettle is one of the most recent developments seen these days, and they are the device used widely throughout the world to heat and boil liquids.

In India, people are usually quite fond of drinking tea. Most of the Indians need a cup of warm milk tea just at the starting of the day.

Electric Kettles are very much preferred over the early heating kettles. There are many of these kettle types, such as the cord and cordless ones. Cordless ones are the kettles working on batteries.

Other Electric Kettles are present in the market, and people use them more than just boiling water.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you the process of using an Electric Kettle for making tea.

Making Tea With Milk


Milk has been a very important part of tea if you are from India. This tea tastes a lot different, and one should try it as a variation.

The milk tea is served with a sweetener. It is much thicker than tea water, and you get a very tangy taste of flavors in a milk tea.

So here are the most basic steps you need to follow to get a perfect tea using an Electric Kettle.

  • Take water in your electric kettle.
  • Set it to heating mode and let the water boil.
  • On the side, you can prepare a pot where you have a tea bag or the original tea leaves ready.
  • Once your water is completely boiled, you can switch the Kettle off for security.
  • Then pour the warm water into the pot you have kept aside.
  • If you want a stronger tea, then you can leave the tea bag for a longer time.
  • You are using a teabag, the 5 minutes is more than sufficient.
  • If you are using tea leaves, then try squeezing them by applying force and later filter the mixed water.
  • Take a certain amount of this water containing tea flavor in a cup.
  • Add water very gently and keep the string.
  • Further, you can add sweetener as you want.
  • If you are a honey person, then it can also act as a good sweetening agent.

A note that you can remember while making the tea in an electric kettle is that you don’t require to mix the tea in the kettle.

Even if you do it outside and just use the Kettle for boiling the water, the results are not bad.

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Making Tea Without Milk


The above steps were for making milk Tea in an Electric Kettle. But for mankind, a tea without milk, you need to follow a different procedure. However, most of the steps are very similar.

Tea without milk is not very common in India. People usually don’t prefer these types of beverages, but on the contrary, the traditional way to drink and enjoy Tea does not contain milk.

The actual taste and texture of the flavor could only be discovered when you try it without any milk.

So it is also a good beverage to have. These are some noted points you must follow to make tea without milk in an Electric Kettle.

  • The first step in this part is taking water in your Electric Kettle.
  • Safely switch it on and leave it to boil the water.
  • Now in a different teapot, prepare the tea leaves.
  • You can go for different types of Tea, depending on the Tea leaves.
  • Green Tea is one of the most famous options people go with.
  • Once the water boils, pour it into the pot containing leaves.
  • Cover the Pot and let the flavor maximize.
  • 2 minutes is the average time for covering, but if you want a black tea, then leave it for 2 more minutes in the pot.
  • Now you can filter the leaves away and enjoy the tea.

It is not a very hard task to make tea without milk in an Electric Kettle. All you need is a little patience and good technique. Once you have both, you get an amazing tea to drink.

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There are many ways by which you can make tea without or with milk, but an electric kettle has made it much easier than ever. These devices are very handy and are a gift from technology to tea lovers.

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