Must need Home exercise Products in India 2021

Now everyone wants to be fit in their life, and wants to be a more attractive. But it is very difficult to go to the gym nowadays. So here we can discuss the best solutions for you. Here we can discuss about “Home exercise Products in India

Make your sweet home to a mini gym. This is the best and simple solution for you.

Excited? The answer is off course, a “BIG YES”. So are you ready to convert your home into a Mini Sweet Home Gym?

Gloves are very important for weight lifting. It gives you ample grip to the lifter thereby reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifter’s hands and the good quality gloves gives you more confidence for your daily workout.

This is the first product of “Home exercise Products 2021

XTRIM X Macho Gym Workout Gloves is the highest rated selling Gloves on Amazon. The various size option is also there, so before buying you can choose your perfect fitting size.

The product overall quality and the metrical they are used

Designed for weight lifters who are looking to reduce wrist injuries while lifting weights. Flexi-strap wrist closure present in macho gloves scales down unwanted pressure on the wrists, reducing the likelihood of wrist injuries during weight lifting.

Natural leather palm, washable leather and mesh, double stitched, 4 – way stretch poly span mesh, short finger length, palm reinforced with foam, luxurious closure system.

The rubberized stretchy wrap material used in macho gloves act like extra ligaments and tendons when the wrist is bent backward during lifting, thereby reducing the possibility of wrist injuries while lifting weights

This is must need product for every fitness enthusiast. You can use this for normal water bottle or you can use this for Protein Shaker bottle.

The product overall quality and the metrical they are used

Premium quality plastic used, 100% BPA free, no toxins, no harmful chemicals, very easy to clean, environmentally friendly; ultimate Pro work out supplement bottle and dish washer safe. 

And most important Leak Proof Lid.


Another must needy product for home gym is Kettlebell.

If you want to all-around workout, then you have atleast one Kettlebell. You can do many workout with this, and the best advantage is it will take limited amount of space.

This is Legendary Russian exercise equipment to develop strength, power.

Aurion Kettlebell is amazon best sellers product comes with customers positive feedback.

Pushup is still the best upper body exercises you can able to do with no equipment. Which makes you train your muscle easily and effectively. Make them even more effective with these incline HUMBLE Push-up Stands for Men and Women both. They are protect your wrists and help you to get better engage your arms, chest, and shoulders.

HUMBLE Push-up Stands are very light weight. Only 300gm each stands. Very Durable and Slip Resistant

Skipping Rope is very Important for warm up exercise or improving cardio fitness. If you really want just to stay in shape, then you must have Skipping Rope.

Reebok is very well know Brand. Reebok called this “Reebok Speed Rope“. This is a branded company product so no doubt about their quality. Focus on speed and agility with the Reebok Speed Rope made to improve cardiovascular fitness. Slim grip handles and a seamless smooth rotation puts fast feet to the test.

The 300cm Rope is easily adjustable to suit your height while being an extremely lightweight and compact fitness accessory able to be used anytime, anywhere.

If you love to do Pullups and chinups, then you must need one pullup bar. This bar will always help you to do back and bicep exercises too.

Kore is very well-known brand for manufacturing Gym products.  This bar Length 20 inches, Top Rod length 38 inches; Padded foam grips for comfort against your hands and heavy-duty steel construction features with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Best for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches and Prefect for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, lats and abs.

This set of Dumbbells will not occupy your house. This is fully Adjustable, and you will get the weight upto 20KG’s.  And comes with 14 Inch Dumbbell Rods.

A perfect muscle builder.  A combination of gym equipment for the perfect workout.

If you have a perfect abs, then every outfits will suites you. So abs workout is very important for everyone. AB Wheel always helps you fat burn process and make good shape of abs.

This AB Wheel is come from Dr Trust USA Based Brand. Fully detachable, Ultra-Comfortable Hand Grips, Very light weight only 450gm, Compact & Portable too. Also comes with Comes with Kneeling Mat.

Home exercise products in India 2021: Last but not least. If you have enough space and have money to afford a Treadmill, then always buy a Treadmill. If you have a Treadmill then your home gym is fully completed. 

A Cockatoo Treadmill has a full range of workout options. Now you can track Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure of helping of the Treadmill monitor (5″ LED Display Feature).

Comes with a one-year parts warranty and 3 years monitor warranty.

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