How Does a Refrigerator Work?

When we start any discussion about refrigerators one thing that comes to be prevalent is food preservation.

How to store food. And to stock food, the first and foremost thing that comes up in our mind is a refrigerator.

It is all the new technology that has been incorporated in the new models that were not there from the very time of its invention.

Refrigerators in India have become popular after economical globalization. People started knowing that there is a machine called a refrigerator.

Back in earlier times normal single-door refrigerator used to cost so much that people used to curtail their needs and despite having bigger families have to adjust to one.

But as time passed a lot of changes made us think that refrigerator is a daily essential now. People can not really live without it.

Especially in the countries where temperature fluctuations take turns and summer prevails for most of the time, they can not but rely on refrigerators.

These days refrigerators have multiple different features where what is applicable for the users can get sorted. A very customized performance comes out.

The different shelves, different trays, drawers help to build a hygienic sphere. Coming to the point that refrigerators are not only used to reduce the temperature of the foods.

The user keeps inside the machine but it is equally true that the user can put medicines and other cosmetics inside the machine as well.

So many good brands are there who are producing the best of all products. Defrost, double door refrigerator all these features should be known by them, and detailed research work should be made as well.

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How Does a Refrigerator Work?


Not all the users are aware of the fact that how a refrigerator works. But it is important to know on their part how the functions should be taken over.

Basically when we make the detailed discussions about the process of the refrigerator one thing that in order to reduce the temperature the machine supplies the heat and that is why the backside of the refrigerator always seems to be hot.

But the motto of reducing temperature seems to be unknown to all, which is in order to stop the reproduction of the germs, bacteria’s what happens is the temperature decreases.

And the whole process of heat channelization comes out to be known when the hands are being kept on to the metal pipes.

There goes another discussion of all the parts of a refrigerator to know more which parts create more impacts on the process of the refrigerator when it comes to working.


This is one of the main organs of a refrigerator. The refrigerant is being circulated throughout the machine with the help of this and again this part helps to build the balance of the temperature.

It is very important to know what kinds of materials are being used here. If the Compressor of a refrigerator stops functioning properly, then it can be said that the ultimate breakage has come up.

Without the proper functioning of this nothing can really work in a proper way.


This is another important part of the refrigerator. The location of this part of the product is at the backside of the refrigerator itself.

The temperature of the refrigerant cools down used to transfer the gas from a liquid. The whole process is known as condensation. And it seems to be one of the most important processes for the proper working cycle of a refrigerator.


This material also resides in the refrigerator. The location of the part is the centre of the material. This is also responsible for making the items cold, especially about reducing the overall prevalent temperature.

Through the process of evaporation the refrigerant turns into gas from the previous state which was in liquid.

The main cooling ambiance inside the refrigerator is being maintained by the evaporation. Only evaporation can put an end to a lot of troubles that are there. It is a perfect process for maintaining the systems and the proper orders.

Capillary Tube

Capillary tube happens to be the thin piece of tubing which happens to be the form of expansion. The tube is being served as the expansion device.

The liquid refrigerant which is there in the tube is being circulated downwards, and the low-pressure environment remains in touch.  And due to the low pressure, the refrigerator works properly.


The name says it all. The thermostat specifically monitors the temperature of the machine. And when the inside temperature of the machine seems to be too cold then the signal which is being sent to the compressor, as per the signal the Internal temperature gets equally monitored. And no amount of problems are being entertained.

Proper working mechanism

The refrigerant of the refrigerator circulates inside. And the liquid changes into the gas due to that. And this process is being known as evaporation.

Which does nothing but help the surroundings to reduce the temperature. One of the easiest examples shows how the cooling sensation helps to build a safe zone for the people who are using this.

Suppose somebody puts a drop of alcohol on the skin, and after it gets evaporated the cooling sensation that prevails happens to be the same kind of thing when evaporation occurs in the refrigerators.

When the process of evaporation starts, the capillary tube helps to channelize the pressure.

To keep the refrigerator running it is important to keep the refrigerant liquid so that in order to evaporate it or to increase the temperature the systematic direction can take place.

And temperature increases to other important factors are being done with the help of Compressor. It is the heart and soul of the machine.

What is Auto Defrost?

Mainly auto defrost or automatic defrost means when in the refrigerator the evaporator seems to have the defrost regularly.

So a freezer automatic defrost also means that the user can sit back and relax and does not have to think about it.

And this does nothing to help the system from building up extra ice so that nothing can really damage the freezer and its original properties.

Which is not the correct form. And with this what happens is the ice gets melted. And no formation of bacteria or anything harmful can get reproduced here.

How auto defrost works?


When the freezers are auto defrost generally a fan is installed there along with a very timer. Auto defrost units do not come in everywhere.

Auto defrost freezers are different, it has got some exclusive features, unlike the other things. The electric timer helps to maintain the proper temperature cycles and helps to prevent the machine from every kind of germ or another bacterial invasion.

The timer has been designed as a pre-programmed entity. So that whatever happens a pre-signal gets channelized through the machine.

The fan blows to maintain the cooling sensation in the machine. Whenever the percentage of heat increases it seems that the timer basically helps to settle it to a point where both the ice melting session, as well as the internal cooling, remains intact.

The process gets channelized with the help of a heating element and the heating coil which is present in the backside of the refrigerator.

And due to this process, the accumulated ice gets melted down at the back of the refrigerator. The water itself runs through the tray which happens to be located at the top of the compressor.

The water that gets generated evaporates to the air particles. In the below discussion the main parts of the defrost technology will come into the discussion so that nothing can really go against the customer when they opt for buying.

ADC Board or Defrost Timer

The Defrost timer works exactly like a clock. It keeps on moving. And keeps the details of the time. Like how the time is being passed and how within time the process gets completed.

Coming to the point that ADC Board or Defrost works every 8-10 hours and starts implementing the processes technically.

But at what time the process of defrosting will start that clearly depends on the refrigerator. Refrigerators with adaptive defrost controls are the smarter ones as they can very well sense when the doors are being opened when they are being closed and likewise they start working.

And with this special feature what happens is the motor or the compressor tends to become durable. Not every machine gets hold of this feature. But the ones do they really Stand Out.

Defrost Thermostat

This is again one of the most frontliner features of a refrigerator. The time duration of the heater is being controlled by this one.

For example in a defrost cycle of thirty minutes a heater only gets to stay for a period of ten minutes or so. As soon as all the ice starts melting down the following temperature of the backside starts rising.

This is how it works. And while increasing the temperature as soon as it reaches a certain level after crossing which might bring trouble to the overall structure of the machine, then the thermostat cuts off the power supply.

And that is how the process gets saved from every kind of disruption. It saves the machine from the main obstacles.

Defrost Heater

This is the main item of the defrost heater. Whatever happens this actually helps to build the proper mechanisms. This item basically heats up and helps to melt down the ice accordingly.

A lot of engineers have said multiple times that the way a defrost heater works is quite similar to the work of a light bulb. As the temperature rises it starts working.

The heater means generating heat but that should not go overboard that should be taken care of.

How many types of Refrigerators are available in the market?


There are a few variations which can be perceived when it comes to the refrigerators. Let’s have a detailed discussion about what refrigerators are and how well they fit into the convenience of the user.

  • Top Freezer Refrigerator

This is the Classical example of the refrigerator when it comes to kitchen appliances. The deep freezer stays in the top and for keeping vegetables and other essentials the lower part is being used. This is generally known as a double door refrigerator. A lot of brands offer exclusive options when it comes to the refrigerator.

  • Side by side Refrigerator

In this type of machine both the freezers stay side by side. Where both the freeze works properly. It gets opened like a door of a cupboard. It is very slim and completely fits into the urban decor. If somebody wants more space and better cooling then nothing can be better than this model. Price wise it is a bit high.

  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This is again one of those cool models as of now. This is again equipped with a lot of space. Coming to the point that the deep freezer remains in the lower area. Very convenient to use. A lot of brands have come up with a lot of good options which are Internationally proclaimed.

  • Mini Freezers

Mainly these models get used for hotels and other public areas. It is the same as the bigger ones. Only for the space constraint, such things are being used. A lot of Colour and brand options are available for the models.

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