How does a Dishwasher work?


Dishwashers are among the most useful modern machines in Kitchens these days. You cannot imagine washing dirty pots and dishes so easily and quickly as one can do in a Dishwasher.

Dishwashing is a very hectic job, and especially when you see cold running water out of the sink tap, it becomes even harder to grab a cleaner to clean dishes.

Even if you had a hard party and the next morning you never want to break up your hangover by scrubbing dirty dishes.

Don’t worry as Cochran’s invention can save you from this. The invention of the Dishwasher was one of the biggest steps in making a modernized and efficient kitchen.

All you need in this machine is to arrange the dirty dishes, provide the soap or detergent you want to be clean with, and switch on the unit.

The next is going and taking a nap on your bed as the Dishwasher will take care of the mess.

Better than normal hand Washing?

To answer this question in a line, yes, a dishwasher is much more better than that of regular handwashing.

When you use your hand to wash a unit of a set of dishes, it can cause many problems in the cleaning and even it takes much effort to be clean.

Basically, you will be filling up your utensil with soap water all around and then in the stagnant water you will be washing the dishes.

This might leave stains and washing dishes using hands could be difficult.

The opposite happens when you use a dishwasher to clean the thing. A dishwasher has a plastic stand that can provide stable support, and later the dishes are done in a very different way.

When a dishwasher cleans a dish, it uses a jet of warm water or steam to clean the dirty stuff. So one can conclude easily that Dishwashing is always better than normal hand washing.

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More about the structure

A Dishwasher is very typically made up in different units. There is a storage space for water at the bottom of this machine. Here cold water is taken from the input and is stored for further use.

The machine is very sensitive to water, and it needs a constant supply so be very firm in the supply you are going to provide, or the machine might see problems.

The next element is the heating rod or element attached near the bottom section. This heating rod is a simple rod that gets heated up once electricity flows inside it.

A special motor can help you in maintaining the flow; this flow is made to the dishes to divert the inflow.

There are two shelves, basically in all the Dishwashers. There is a metallic shelf, and there is a plastic shelf for different purposes.

There are many pipes that carry water or steam in different directions that can help you to get a clean dish out of the machine.

Even one can spot paddle in a dishwasher which accelerates the flow and is more efficient in providing the accurate speed one can have in clearing the dirt out of dishes.

How does it work?

These paddles which one can appreciate when he sees a dishwasher are very much essential in cleaning all the dishes.

These paddles are the force generators and are responsible for turning the water in the right direction to get your dishes clean.

The water once is hot and is enough to start the cleaning. It is paddled up in the main sections where you have arranged the dirty dishes. With the help of other paddles, he sprays starts to apply force on the dishes.

Basically, this force is provided by the water spray in a direction from the lower part of the machine to the upper one so it is always advised that you should keep your dishes facing the bottom of the machine in a dishwasher.

Even there is a difference in the force and effect of water in different layers of a Dishwasher.

You can find a more forceful and strong action at the bottom-most section of the machine while the force might decrease in the upper sections.

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Arrangement to be done

To make the best use of the machine and to take care of your utensils and dishes, one must follow the general instruction that is mostly printed on the dishes.

Even if you don’t find it, it is very easy to recognize which one should go where. The small dishes or the more sensitive one goes in the upper rack and the heavy materials and utensils in the lower half.

The Heat of water also reduces in the upper region, so there is more chance to save a center there. So if you need your dishes in the best condition, then place them inside very carefully.

It is always better that you get rid of hard and big debris out of the machine priorly.

However, the machine has a mechanism to get rid of the debris, which is very essential to prevent the jamming of the unit. The small debris is taken off the dishes dissolved with the water flow.

The essential point- Water

Water is the main component which is going to provide you with a hard clean. The warmth and temperature of the water, which is being used in the machine has a lot of things to do with your cleaning.

The hotter the water becomes, the more efficient your machine works over the dishes. Even if you talk of bacterial control and other such facts, it all comes down to the degree of hotness of the water your machine is going to use.

On the other side of the machine uses very harsh and hot water; it can really destroy your utensils.

Even Water is a factor that will decide how much electricity is being consumed by the dishwasher.

So ultimately it is the heating apathy of the rod which plays a big role. Even these days you can find machines that are very much more efficient in cleaning than the one that uses water sprays.

These new machines use jet sprays of steam which ultimately is hotter and will cost more.

The role of DETERGENT

Detergent is a  very important part of operating a dishwasher. One might have questions in the working of detergent, which eventually is very necessary for working of a dishwasher.

There can be a lot of points you must consider before you understand the role of detergent in these machines.

The main point that one should get is basic functioning. Either you washcloth or a dish, the functioning of detergent is more or less similar. They both are used to get rid of particles that do not dissolve in water.

To be more accurate, the detergent is necessary to get rid of the hydrocolloid and hydrophobic particles.

These play a great role in the proper functioning of a dishwasher as when you insert the input from one side it gets dissolved in hot water and helps the machine clean the oily particles more easily and efficiently.

Coming to a note here, It is very strange and shocking  Data but dishwashers and detergents related to it must be kept out of children’s reach.

According to the data, more than 60,000 kids suffer from accidental poisoning caused due to detergents, so be sure you keep the security tight.

Working in Brief

To brief the working of a dishwasher, there can be a certain set-up to understand. The most common functioning seen is as described-

  • The water gets stored up in the lower portion of the machine, and then it is utilised further.
  • This water, through pipes in the system, goes to the upper sections. In the upper section, the water passes through heating elements.
  • The heating element heats the water to an appropriate amount, and hence you can have a good supply in all the sections above.
  • Further, the paddles and other systems associated carry the steam or water safely to the places where it is required.’ once it reaches the place where the opening leads to the surface of dishes, a straight and forceful spray of this water is released on the dishes.
  • Usually, the water which is released out of the openings of these pipes has a dissolved detergent in it. This water has dissolved salts in it, and this can help you in getting a good wash.
  • Further, the division there in the machine just below the heating part can help you in collecting the debris and other particles. This one helps in a complete clearance of your machine. So it’s very important that you have a cleansing unit in your dishwasher.
  • Remember that the upper compartment of your machine is very much colder than the lower one, so keep the plastic and related utensils high in the machine.
  • When the water bounces back after striking your plates, it gets again back to the system for the second round of circulation. This ensures bacteria kill and other such things related to cleaning.

Its usage

People throughout the world use dish washers but they are not among the most common accessories seen in many countries as India. However, more than 20 per cent of America do use Dishwashers.

They are machines from the high tech and advanced world. One can rely on them with their efficiency.

A well-maintained dishwasher can last long without the need for servicing and can make your daily life very easy. It provides an escape to one of the most hectic jobs of cleaning dishes.


To conclude one can say that dishwasher uses a very simple mechanism to clean dishes, but it is among the must-haves in today’s hectic life. It cleans up the mess in few seconds and all you have to do is to set the machine on working.

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