How to Clean an Electric Kettle


In this world where everyone wants to be fast and more efficient, people don’t have a lot of time to invest time in a lot of things.

Gone are those days when you needed to wait for hours for your water to get boiled on the gas stove.

It is just a matter of plug and plays with electric Kettles. People are very much dependent on these devices nowadays. It is used to heat and boil liquids such as water.

The efficiency of Electric Kettles is tremendous, and also the handy feature you get with these heating units is excellent to use.

Electric Kettles are used very widely. If you think that you can only boil water in these Kettles, then you are completely wrong.

You can even make some of the best beverages such as Hot chocolate by melting the cocoa in the Electric Kettle. Even people are very much active in making daily drinks such as tea and coffee using these Kettles.

Soups ranging from the veg one to the non-veg one could easily be obtained using an Electric Kettle. All this might lead to a single problem, and that is making the Kettle dirty and sticky.

Here are the ways in which you can clean an Electric Kettle.

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Why Electric Kettle gets dirty

There could be several problems when you deal with an Electric Kettle. Basically, the Kettle is a very simple device used to boil water.

People use different types of water like essential tap water, the mineral one, and more of such liquids in an Electric Kettle.

Different drinks, even different types of water can sediment differently. Hence all the leftovers and the sediments can cause a layer of coating in the Kettle, which is very hard to remove.

Even the heating element given in the Electric Kettle can have problems like rust, and more.

All these problems easily can be harmful. To clean the sediments and issues related to this, one has to go for different methods.

Use Distilled water and acidified water for cleaning

Basically, It is vinegar that clears up the sedimented particle with ease. Any mild acidic compound in the form of a weak acid and or a powder-like citric acid powder is enough to react with the metal and clear it all very swiftly.

Using a Vinegar solution

Just take the vinegar on one scale and add water up to half of the Kettle. Mix them well and then make the kettle boil.

You can even leave the boil for a more significant time than usual. Once you do this, let the boiling vinegar-water solution be in the Electric Kettle for a greater time than usual.

The vinegar can help you to deal with the crust on the walls of the Kettle. Further, you can rinse it with water and quickly get all the stuff cleaned.

But there are chances that the stains will still be on the wall. For this, you can use the rough end of the sponge to clean the surface.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid in fruits like lemon, orange and more. This acid has been used a lot in cleaning and in the chemical industries for different purposes. It also finds its way in medicine.

This acid is also manufactured in industries these days and you can easily avail it from the market.

Citric acid could be used for cleaning the dirty Electric Kettle. Not just to clean but Citric Acid is very useful in getting rid of mold, bacterias, and more of such stuff.

Take water in the Kettle and then make it boil using the Kettle. Boil it very hard until the vapors start coming out of the water.

Next, all you need is to add 2-3 tablespoon of citric acid and mix it well in the water. Now you can easily leave the solution for 20 minutes.

You can use a cleaning brush to rub the walls when the water is still boiling. Pour out the solution and rinse out using sponges.


Soda is present in a wide range in the market. You can have sodas for baking sodas for basic cooking even diluted Soda and flavored soft drinks have a high amount of Soda. Different types of Soda can be used to clean up the Electric Kettle.

The first and easiest solution is to take instant Soda and dissolve it in water. Just whip the solution and then pour it in the Kettle and further close the lid. You don’t need to boil the solution in this case.

Take a toothbrush or a cleaning brush and use it hard against the walls of the Kettle. It can have a good and quick result on your device.

Soda Drinks could also be used to clean the Electric Kettle. If you have extra Pepsi or coke at your home, then fill your Electric Kettle with this one. Further, bring to boil and see the magic.

The thing to remember here is that you need to boil the Soda for more than 30 minutes. Further after boiling, let it sit for some time, and further rinse it.

The soda drink also has some problems like it can leave smell and stains, so you need to rinse it very hard.

Sops and cleaner

Soap and cleaners are the most common materials we use in our daily life to clean any utensil or item. Now here is the twist if you want a good result.

Most people think that using any soap or cleaner can help them to get the thick coating out of the Electric Kettle.

But in soaps, you need to be very selective. On the other hand, there are many cleaners in the market that are very efficient in cleaning the Electric Kettle easily.

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Solution for maintaining the Electric Kettle

Electric Kettles need good maintenance and to have a clear and clean kettle one should use many small techniques to have a germ-free Kettle.

  • The first one deals with cleaning the inners and the outer boundaries with a wet cloth every time you use the Electric Kettle. If not possible every time then at least go for an everyday wiping.
  • The next point is to maintain a moisture-free environment. Moisture inside the Kettle will promote the growth of bacteria and germs in Kettle. So try keeping it dry. You can even sundry it.
  • The Electric Kettle has a long wire for electrical input. You should keep it well maintained without twisting it a lot.


To conclude things we can say that there are various ways in which you can easily clean your Electric Kettle.

There is a great need for people to clean these devices. And if you don’t take care of its inner coatings then sediments will start forming, you can land in some serious problems and health issues.

Maintaining and cleaning an Electric Kettle is quite necessary, so do take care of it.

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