How to look Attractive and Stylish Man in India 2021

Our topic is How to look Attractive and Stylish Man in 2021? Let’s start now;

These days everyone is concerned about their looks and style.

The common myth is everyone thinks that style is expensive. But the reality is if you fine tune yourself and keep a few basic ground rules in mind, then you can also look invincible and the most handsome stylish person on this planet.

The truth is nobody is born stylish. So it’s important to improve your style on a daily basis. I know that everyone tries to look more attractive.

So here we can discuss “How to look Attractive and Stylish“.

For enhancing the style, so many factors are there.

Like; Building Your Perfect Wardrobe. Fashionable Outfits, Beauty products, accessories, Quality products and many more.

But keep one thing in mind, choose your toiletries carefully. I have listed down a handful of them!

These are the finest in the market. Finally only wear clothing or things you find comfortable.

So further to explain it further, lets start the topic How to look Attractive and Stylish Man.

What makes a man stylish

If you want to look attractive, then the first step is clear you Face properly. Glowing Face is always attracted everyone. So no doubt about it.

So for cleaning your Face, you need a good Face wash. My recommendation is Anti Pollution Face Wash.

This face wash is enriched with pure essential oils to delivery the finest grooming experience. Mandarin essential oil is known for its anti aging properties and helping improve skin complexion to develop radiant and glowing skin.

Frankincense acts as a great treatment for damaged or wrinkled skin helps keep your skin smooth and clear. This skin brightening face wash will help you develop the smoothest and most radiant skin.

Also activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin by providing a deep cleanse and helps your achieve radiant.

This generations latest trend is Beard. You can see roughly around 50-60% of men are having beard these days.

Now Beard is also attracting girls or woman. So want to try this fashion, then you must have a good and natural Bread oil for men.

Spruce Shave Club Advanced Beard Growth Oil is the best solution for you. This oil comes with Avocado, Argan & 8 Essential Oils and the best part is, it’s 100% Natural.

This beard oil with its unique blend of oils like helps hydrate and nourish your beard to strengthen your beard hairs so your beard can grow thicker, stronger & faster.

Natural oils like Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Onion Oil and more that are used in our beard oil are well known for their hair growth boosting properties.

If you smell good, then everybody will notice you. So you must need A good collection of Scent (Fragrances).

There are so many perfumes available in the market. Few are bit expensive, few are not that much premium. 

That’s why my personal suggestion is Skinn by Titan. And VERGE is my favorite one. Which one I personally use. 

The smell is little bit strong and long lasting as well. The fragrance is really masculine, you will get noticed, and get compliments for sure.

A good stylish Leather Wallet is always enhanced men personality. There is no doubt about it.

Keep all your Essentials Neat and Organized in this Stylish Wallet. It’s Typically a Bi-fold wallet. The wallet shows noticeable texture, wear-resistance and flexibility.

It is a Perfect Combination of Size and Space with Numerous Compartments for all your Cards, Bills, Receipts and also a Photo of your Loved One.

How to look Attractive and Stylish Man, one of the most key factor is a stylish and sober watch.

A Stylish and Unique watch always plays a major role to look more stylish. If you have a good collection of watches, then you can use those with different outfits.

I select this watch because I love Blue and Copper combination watches. Plus this is a water resistant watch.

It is a Fossil Analog watch. Fossil is a very well known brand. So no doubt about the product or material.

These days, a smartwatch is must needy product, when you are going to the gym or for your mini home gym use. Not because of only style purpose, it’s a necessity nowadays.

One smartwatch can track so many things, like Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep time monitoring, Breathing Exercise, Messaging Reminders, and many more.

Apple Watch or Samsung is too expensive in my opinion, that’s why I select this HONOR Magic Watch 2.

Everything you will get from this smartwatch, like Apple and Samsung can do for you. 

Honor Magic Watch can track:  Stress Test, Heart Rate Monitoring, Trusleep Monitoring, Breathing Exercise, Messaging Reminders.

And the battery life also very good, you can fully charge once and it lasts for up to 1 weeks.

A classy Handkerchief is of course very important to style up personality. Its primary utility is blowing your nose, clean up your glasses or drying up your girlfriend’s tears when she is emotional


Every successful man or woman has their favorite Pen. A Premium quality pen also improve your handwriting skills.

So for Premium pens, Parker is the best option in India. 

Parker has so many different pens, but one of my favorites is Parker Vector Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen.

This pen comes with free Executive leather finish visiting cardholder.

A quality and stylish laptop bag are always enhancing your personality.

So here I can choose Hammonds Flycatcher Genuine Leather Laptop bag for you. 

Hammonds Flycatcher gives you classic and vintage style leather Laptop Messenger Bag; it features rich materials, flawless functionality and effortless style that make it the ultimate companion for every occasion.

You will get huge discount on it and no cost EMI option is also there.

This is the last item for “How to look Attractive and Stylish Man”.

You must need one pair of good leather formal shoes in both colors, Black and Brown.

Why Black and Brown

Because these two are the color of the most commonly used shoes, which are going to suite in every formal outfit.

Here I can select Red Tape Men’s Leather Formal Shoes (Black).

The shoe is the exact same looking which is shown in the above picture.

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