Top 9 Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2021

Ice Cream! The reason for my delving into the Best ice cream brands in India 2021, is the word itself! Ice Cream!

The mere word gets us to salivate and we start wondering where the nearest ice cream parlor might be where one can buy some lips-smacking frozen dessert.


Whether it’s fruity or the butter scotch, cornetto or the fruits & nuts, vanilla or the strawberry, delicious kesar pista, or yummy chocolate.

Or the eccentric combos, cups, cones, soft serve, or a big basket to be shared with family and friends and have a gala party.

There is something in store in the ice creams department that appeal to each one of us.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India

A perfect dessert for all ages, we all love ice cream and it’s no surprise that there are so many brands available in India across the big cities and small towns, and even in villages.

Here’s our selection of 2020’s Top 9 Best Ice cream Brands in India 2021.

1. Baskin Robbins (Best Ice Cream Company in India)


Baskin Robbins is one of the Best ice cream companies in India. But before that, lets sneak-peek into little bit of history of the company.

Burton “Burt” Baskin, and Irvine “Irv” Robbins. They started out with separate ventures. Irv opened Snowbird and Burton opened Burton’s ice cream shop.

Finally, in 1953 the ice cream chain dropped the separate identities of Snowbird and Burtons and became Baskin Robbins India. Baskin-Robbins persevered to expand, and during the mid-1960s.

The agency had turn out to be an ice cream empire with more than four hundred ice cream parlors opened in United States alone.

The company has more than 7500 outlets in India alone. The company is known for incorporating local flavors’ in their ice creams. The company offers purely vegan ice cream which is made from pure cow’s milk.

This company is known for its constant emphasis on innovation and experimentation with new ideas and products. 

2. Kwality Walls (Highest Selling Ice Cream in India)


Kwality Wall’s- the brand with the heart logo. The company was founded in 1956. Kwality Walls is the company formed as a Joint Venture of British Walls and Kwality and is marketed as Kwality Walls across India.

Kwality was acquired by Hindustan unilever in 1995, and till present day is known to be a subsidiary company of HUL.

They have their headquarters in Mumbai. Kwality Wall’s is a major producer and distributor of ice cream and other dessert products in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Their products are very popular. Some of the most popular ones are Cornetto, Cassata, Feast Jaljeera Blast. Their Magnum Brand of Ice cream is their premium product sold at various outlets.

Kwality Walls received stiff competition from Amul India.

Amul, Asia’s biggest dairy cooperative, filed a case against Kwality Walls in 2012–13.

Amul appealed to the court that Kwality Walls, (which is a dominant player in the Frozen dessert market and owns about 50% of the market), should not be allowed to continue printing the word “ICE CREAM”, since its products are made using vegetable oil.

Amul won the case, and Kwality walls were required to write frozen dessert instead of ice cream in all its products.

In spite of that Kwality Walls comes among the best ice cream brands in India.

3. Mother Dairy


Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd is an Indian company that manufactures, markets and sells milk, milk products and other edible products.

It will not be incorrect to say that Mother Dairy has changed and revolutionized the way people drink pasteurized milk in India. Started in 1974.

Mother Dairy is the subsidiary company of the National Dairy Development Board, often abbreviated as NDDB.

This company is known for its extensive range of milk products and milk and is one of the most popular ice cream brands in India.

MD is focusing on different products from oil, frozen veggies, dairy products, fruits and mineral water.

The range of ice creams includes many Indian flavors apart from the usual popular fruit and chocolate-based variants.

The company offers a wide variety of Ice creams from popular flavours like Chocolate and Vanilla to their Indian counterparts such as Elaichi etc.

Without any hesitation whatsoever it could be concluded that Mother Dairy is listed highly among the Best ice cream brand in India.

4. Creambell


Creambell was started with the French dairy major Candia.

In the year of 2003, they came to India, and now what we know in India as Creambell Ice creams is a joint collaboration between Devyani Food Industries Ltd (RJ Corporation), an Indian company and Candida.

Its CEO is Nitin Arora, and the company is owned by Amay Poddar.

The Creambell is one of the fastest growing ice cream companies in the country with its foot prints in the neighbouring nations as well.

It is among the top 5 leading ice cream brands in India and is known for its quality product innovation.

Earlier cream bell head quarter was in Agra till 2003, but nowadays it has been shifted to Gurugram. Creambell also have dairy plants located in Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya).

CreamBell has received many awards. They had been the proud recipient of the highest honor at the Great Indian Ice cream Contest.

Because of all these accolades, CreamBell features in the Best ice cream brand in India 2021. Their Best selling Ice creams are – Sachmuch aam, Zafrani pista, Crunchy butterscotch.

5. Amul (Best Ice Cream Brand in India)


Anand Milk Union Limited, often known as AMUL-The Taste f India, is the largest ice cream brand in India. Also the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world.

The company was formed by Tribhuvandal Patel in 1948 with the vision of laying the foundation for the India’s White Revolution.

Today Amul is a brand known and trusted in every corner of the country. They rank among the highest in Best ice cream companies in India.

Amul is India’s 4th largest FMCG company, and it ranks among Asia’s top 10 ice cream brands. Amul also enjoys an overall market share of 38%.

Amul Introduced sugar free & prolife probiotic wellness ice cream for the first time in January 2007.

Today Amul is the largest food brand in India and among its very large portfolio of milk based products is their delicious range of ice creams.

Proudly proclaiming their ice creams to be made with fresh milk, Amul certainly holds a big advantage over many other brands that make what is technically known as ‘frozen dessert’.

Best selling: The ice lollies, Orange Salsa, Frostik Epic choco almond.

6. Dinshaw’s

Dinshaw’s is quite a familiar name in the Indian ice cream industry. Founded in 1932, in the British Pre-independence era.

The company was inaugurated by Dinshaw and Eruchshaw Rana at Nagpur with a vision to provide handmade premium quality tasty ice cream to the ice cream loving people of India.

In the initial days, the company started by selling milk and dairy based products of premium quality and made a lot of progress while doing that.

The production units of Dinshaw’s nowadays comes up with a wide range of good quality dairy products including milk, ghee, lassi, and of course, ice cream. They also have a bakery division.

The company nowadays produces ice cream in bulk quantity, but they did not compromise on their quality, rather they have kept it intact.

The ice creams category includes kulfi, lollies, sugar free ice creams, and fancy variants like sundaes, waffle cones, etc.

Dinshaw’s Best selling ice creams are – Black forest sundae, Anjeer badam.

7. Vadilal


Discussing about the Best ice cream brands in India, and omitting Vadilal is a strict ‘no’, ‘no’.

What it all began with a single outlet in Ahmedabad in 1926, with due course of time, turned out today as one of the most recognized and trusted ice cream brands in India.

Started by Mr Vadilal Gandhi, the company started as Vadilal Soda Foundation in the year 1926 at Ahmedabad soon transformed into a dairy giant Vadilal.

In its initial days of formation and operations, Mr Gandhi himself used to make ice creams with traditional methods mainly by a method named ‘Kothi’.

He also used to offer home delivery services in the days when there was no proper logistics systems available in the market.

The objects of the company included processing of frozen fruits and vegetables and manufacture of ice cream. The company was amalgamated with Vadilal Oxygen Pvt. Ltd. effective July 1, 1985.

The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of ice–cream and processed food products. 

Some of their top products are Ice trooper, Gourmet premium ice creams, Special Occasionz tubs, Flingo cones, and the Bada Bite ice cream candies.

Best selling Vadilal products are – Mango, Coffee Caramel, Cream n Cookies.

8. Havmor


Havmor is an Indian company that was originally established in 1944 in Karachi, Pakistan until its founder Mr Satish Chona came to India after partition and re-established it in the country.

More than 160 products, possibly the most extensive range in India. The Company has 200,000 liters per day, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Havmor has grown into a delicious facet of daily life of a large part of Western India. It is available through 20,000 + outlets across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

A huge range of ice cream products including sugar free ice cream, kulfi, ice cream cake, roll cuts, sundaes, and many other variants in a stunning variety of flavours.

Their Best selling ice creams are – Choco block cone, American nuts, Hazelnut crunch.

Today, Havmor is ranked amongst the Best ice cream brands in India.

9. Naturals Ice Cream

Natural ice cream is a premium artisanal ice cream brand in India based in Mumbai since 1984. The company was founded by R. S. Kamath along the lines of providing tasty ice cream at affordable rates without compromising on the quality.

The company is known for its ice cream made from pure milk and fresh ingredients.

Naturals Ice Cream uses traditional process to manufacture ice cream and uses finest available ingredients to make ice creams.

Its known for making seasonal fruit ice creams like Sitaphal Tender Coconut, Litchi, Kala Jamun, Jackfruit and many more.

Natural ice cream are tasty as well as healthy as it contains great nutrition values. Fresh fruits are incorporated in the ice cream to make it more delicious and fresh.

The biggest draw of Naturals ice cream has been its seasonal fruit flavours like lychee, real mango, custard apple, etc.

Best selling Naturals Ice Cream – Chickoo, Sitaphal, Coconut, Custard apple, litchi, fig.

Naturals Ice Cream is our 09th and final entry in the list of Best ice cream companies in India.

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