Inverter AC Vs. Non-Inverter AC – Which One Is Better


Inverter AC Vs. Non-Inverter AC, which one is better for you? This is today’s blog post topic. Before buying a Split AC, you must know these inportant things.

Heat is one such thing that can make your life hell. While some people go for coolers or fans, most of us prefer AC (Air Conditioners). The reason is simple as the temperature these days are too high in summer and one can not shoo away heat temperature with a normal fan or cooler.

You must get relaxed with a cooler upto some extent, but AC is the best electrical appliance to get rid of heat.

Earlier there were normal Air Conditioners that would work without inverters but for now, the latest technology developed is inverter technology for AC. However both inverter and non-inverter Acs are being preferred by customers, this is why we thought to let you know about the Inverter AC Vs. Non- Inverter AC.

Before we come to the exact point of differentiating between these two technologies, let me help you with the basics of Air Conditioners!

What is an Inverter AC?

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As the name suggests, inverter AC is that kind of air conditioner that regulates the temperature. When it needs more power, the compressor provides more power and when less power is required, it does the same.

Basically, this technology helps in controlling the speed of the compressor of the AC. It is an energy-efficient electrical appliance. Inverter ACs are powerful, comfortable, and energy-saving.

What is a Non Inverter AC?


These are the simplest type of AC which are directly regulated by power buttons to control the temperature.

The non-inverter AC consumes more power. It has a fixed cooling or heating capacity at a fixed speed. It is quite noisy and takes more power as it requires on and off power buttons to regulate the speed of the compressor.

Inverter AC Vs Non-Inverter AC (Air Conditioner)


Now, Let’s get started with the differences between inverter and non inverter AC!

Compressor unit:

one of the major differences between an inverter AC and non-inverter AC is the type of compressors used within these two technologies of AC. Where inverter Ac has a compressor that can be controlled automatically as per the requirement of power, Non-inverter AC comes with a compressor that can be controlled by switching off and on the main power.


This is also one of the biggest differences when it comes to inverter Vs Non-inverter AC. Where inverter ACs are a bit costly, non-inverter ACs are cost-effective.  Non-inverter ACs are cheaper and affordable as compared to inverter ACs.

Energy Consumption

Inverter ACs are energy efficient and thus they consume power at a steady rate. When we talk about non-inverter ACs, they take more power due to compressors. Every time when you are switching on and off the main power, power consumption is more.


When it comes to durability, inverter ACs have longer life as compared to non inverter Acs.

Noise Factor

Inverter Acs are quiet as compared to Non-inverter ACs. Inverter ACs are quiet in nature or you can say make noise only once when the compressor motor starts Noise pollution is there when it comes to operating non-inverter Acs.



Inverter AC cools down the room faster as compared to non-inverter ACs. The reason behind this factor is that the inverter AC uses more power than the non-inverter in starting and minimizes the power when it gets close to the required temperature.

Derating factor

The derating factor is low in inverter AC in comparison to non-inverter AC.

Eco friendly

Non-inverter ACs mostly use R-32 refrigerant which is Zoe friendly but causes global warming whereas inverter ACs are eco friendly as they are ozone friendly.

Air Filter

Non-inverter Acs generally come with standard air filters that need to be cleaned for quality and germ-free air. When we talk about inverter ACs, they come with multiple air filters such as HEPA filters, carbon filters, blue filters, etc. The air filters present in inverter Ac most likely kill all allergens and impurities of the air to yield healthier and pure air.

These are the major factors or points when we discuss inverter Vs non-inverter air conditioners.

Pros and Cons of Inverter AC

Pros of Inverter AC

  • Great functionalities: In Spite of being expensive the functionalities of inverter ACs are commendable. It offers quality when it comes to the cooling room.
  • Noise free: It only makes a noise when we switch on it and afterwards no noise due to the compressor motor. This feature of the appliance contributes to global warming.
  • Energy efficient: this inverter air conditioner is energy efficient and thus offers less power consumption.
  • Durable: Inverter air conditioners have longer life and hence are more durable.

Cons of Inverter AC

Highly expensive: The cost of inverter AC are a bit expensive.

Pros and Cons of Non Inverter AC

Pros of Non Inverter AC

  • Cheaper & affordable: these air conditioners are cheap and affordable.
  • Easily accessible: Such ACs are easily accessible as well.

Cons of Non Inverter AC

  • Not durable enough: Non-inverter ACs have a shorter life span.
  • Noisy: whenever the compressor motor starts, it creates noise.
  • Power consuming appliance: This type of ACs need more power and hence are not energy efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioners are basically those electronic appliances that remove heat and moisture from the interior of an occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants.

What are the types of AC?

There are different types of air conditioners. Few of them are listed here:

  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Ductless Mini-Split
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner
  • Smart Air Conditioner
  • Geothermal Air Conditioner

What factors you must check before purchasing an AC?

4 basic factors which must not be taken for granted  are:

  • Cooling Power
  • Energy Consumption
  • Space requirement & maintenance.
  • Budget

What are the best brands to buy inverter AC?

The topmost brands where you can get a brand new Air conditioner for your home/office are:

  • Samsung 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC
  • Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC
  • Daikin 1 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC
  • Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC
  • Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC
  • LG 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

There are several other brands also available online which are good as per your requirement. You can check them online!

What are the best brands to buy non inverter AC?

There are various brands and their products which you can purchase in case you want non-inverter AC at your home. A few of them are listed here:

  • Voltas non-inverter split AC
  • LG non-inverter Split Ac
  • Daikin non-inverter window AC
  • Samsung non-inverter Split Ac
  • Hitachi non-inverter AC
  • Whirlpool non-inverter Ac!

This above list is base on our own opinion.

What are the advantages of Air Conditioners?

There are several advantages of having air conditioners at home. Few of them are listed here:

  • It improves the quality of air & creates a healthy environment by filtering out dust, pollen, and other allergens present in the atmosphere.
  • It prevents heat strokes and dehydration.
  • Better Sleep.
  • Fewer insects and parasites.
  • Cool and comfortable environment.

What are the disadvantages of AC?

Where there are several advantages/ benefits of using AC, there are some disadvantages as well!

  • Regular use of AC dries the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Low Temperature can get you muscle contractions, headaches, and backaches.
  • It may contribute to noise pollution.
  • Allergic reactions can occur due to Airborne dust and fungi.
  • Regular use of AC or being habituated to AC can get your heat intolerance increased.

Are inverter AC available in the Windows AC model?

No. Window ac is not available in inverter technology. Inverter AC is available only in split AC models as of now.

Which saves more energy inverter AC or non-inverter AC?

According to BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency), a 3-star inverter AC can save as high as 7% of energy in comparison to a 5-star non-inverter split AC.

How does AC work?

AC works on the principle of refrigeration like Refrigerators. Refrigerant is a coolant liquid that is used in the Air conditioner for cooling the air in any room by conversion of the liquid in the form of gas and then back to liquid form by the compressor.

From where to purchase a AC?

You can buy a new AC for your home or office from nearby stores or through online websites.


The use of anything depends on the user to user – be it AC or any other materialistic thing. When there are options, people prefer to select one of them.

Even in the case of AC, where there are people who would go for inverter AC, there are certainly some set of people who would like non-inverter ACs for their homes!

Inverter ACs are good to go when you are operating it for a longer duration – say 5 to 7 hours a day. For the lesser duration, one can easily opt for non-inverter AC. But ultimately it all depends on the user’s choice!

Here, in this article, we have listed out the major differences among inverter ac vs non-inverter AC which can give you an idea of how things would go if you are planning to buy a new AC for your home or office.

Share your experiences of using AC and let us know which would be the preferred AC for your own usage?

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