11 Must Need Trekking Items to Carry in India 2021

Hello friends, I’m a solo traveler, I have done a Basic Mountaineering course, IMF Freelance travel guide, and a travel journey writer. So today I will discuss here the Must Need Trekking Items to Carry in India.

I have traveled to the various places of the country, mostly mountains from Uttarakhand to Ladakh, from Bhutan to scintillating Sikkim and Darjeeling.


Travel actually is a way to enjoy freedom. The freedom which comes when you explore newer things go through the daily challenges and overcome it at the end of it. Travelling means discovering yourself amidst nature, being able to rejuvenate yourself with fresh ideas and thoughts.

I have wandered in the mountains; often strolled in the forest. Sat beside the river banks, watching gushing ice cold water around the rocks, which gave me some time to introspect myself, or rather I would say rethink about what is the purpose of life.

I came to the conclusion travel is solitude, it is a pure bliss. You should try this at least once in your life avoiding the busy schedules of your households.

So today I am going to tell you what essential things you must need to travel hassle-free to distant corners of the world no matter how remote it could be.

Things to carry in a High altitude Trekking

Must Need Trekking Items to Carry in India

When you going for trekking or hiking, A good quality woolen sweater is must needy item. Also it needs to be very light weight and compact

That’s why we will decide to choose this product for you.

  • It is very light weight sweater.
  • V-Neck.
  • Very stylish as well.
  • Used good quality of wool.

A fleece jacket is always important for trekking or hiking because, it is very compact and the weight is too light. And you can carry this jacket in any altitude.

It dries very fast, this is the main advantage of fleece jackets.

Product Specialty:-

  • This fleece is nice breathable inside.
  • It will also provide you thermal insulation.
  • The material is Stretchable hence you will get the regular comfort.
  • If it gets wet in the rain ,then dries up very quickly.

In this section, I will select “RAB Microlight Alpine” for you guys. RAB is world famous company, and the quality of the product is outstanding. This is the top most “must need trekking Items to carry in India” as well.

This jacket is very light weight with excellent heat retention capacity.

Product Specialty:-

  • This Rab is made up of water resistant pertex quantum fabric.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack inside your bag.
  • It comes with adjustable hood and elasticated cuffs.
  • Internationally Certified European Goose Down quality (750FP R.D.S)

Track pants are usually trousers used in the trekking which contains multiple pockets where you can keep your useful things. While frequently used during the trekking, these pants are stretchable quick dry and very convenient to use.

Product Specialty:-

  • Stretchable quick dry and very convenient to use.
  • Lightweight and breathable technology.
  • Multiple pockets so that you can keep all your essential stuffs.
  • Versatile can be used for trekking, hiking and biking in the mountains as well.

If you are travelling no matter even if it is a city or remote area, you never know when things can go bad and dark, so in this case head mounting torch is best friend for you.

The benefits of having an head torch is ,it always shines in the direction you are looking at. This is another must need trekking items to carry in India.

It is also handy when it comes to fishing, camping, cave finding and all kind of adventure sports.

Product Specialty:-

  • This flash light is water resistant.
  • Ergonomically designed elastic headband which makes the Flashlight easily adjustable.
  • flashing mode to send a distress signal in the most crucial moments.
  • Adjustable and zoom able technology.

Trekking poles are used while hiking in a trekking which helps to keep your body balance so that you do not fall down in hilly terrains.

Adjustable poles are comes with an antishock spring mechanism reduces strains on hand. These poles are suitable for climbing, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Product Specialty:-

  • Antishock spring mechanism which reduces strains on hand.
  • To get rid of soft dirt, packed with removable trekking (mud/snow) basket.
  • User friendly Spring suspension design to reduce shock.
  • This trekking pole has adjustable nylon strap.
  • lightweight aluminum material.

Balaclava is a kind a head-mask which is used in the mountains to protect yourself mainly your head, ears and nose from the cold chilly winds.

It is a great useful handy accessory to be used in the mountains.

Product Specialty:-

  • It protects your face from dust and air pollution.
  • Superiority designed to protect your face from chilling winds.
  • Stretchable fabric material.
  • Fit to all Type and size of people.
  • Washable Fabric Quick-dry function, easily absorb Sweat and Moisture.

Waterproof material gloves are very important to protect your hands and fingers from exposure to rain and cold.

Remember one thumb rule, if your fingers get exposed to cold, no matter what are you wearing the chances are you will be more prone to catch a cold and spoil your traveling experience.

Product Specialty:-

  • Highly insulated fleece material.
  • Lightweight and quick dry.
  • Protects from the wind-chill factor.
  • It works fine till minus 5 degree Celsius.

Poncho is the one of the must essentials item to carry on a hiking or trekking. It will protects you from heavy downpours.

Product Specialty:-

  • Lightweight and quick dry.
  • Protects from the wind-chill factor.
  • Adjustable Hood.
  • Nylon Ripstop material.
  • Very portable and compact.

Our last and final Must Need Trekking Items to Carry in India is trekking shoes. If you don’t have a good quality trekking shoe, then you may buy this Quechua Forclaz 100.

If you are really serious about trekking and hiking, and if it is your passion then, of course, you need a quality trekking shoe.

Product Specialty:-

  • The metrical of the product is Mesh.
  • Perfect for trekking or hiking.
  • A bulky design.
  • Fantastic gripping power.
  • Waterproof membrane tested shoe.

That’s it for this topic, stay healthy and safe. “Happy trekking”.

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