15 Best Running Shoes for Men in India 2021

The awe-inspiring book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall and my participation in marathon races has provoked me in finding out the 15 Best Running Shoes for Men in India.

The fact which I came to know after reading the book was simply astonishing, in the book; Christopher McDougall claimed that, since the evolution of the ape-man, human species are born to run.

Our forefathers had to cover long distances, for hunting, for grazing animals, also for the search of greener pastures. 

Running long-distance barefoot is the key to happiness and longevity.

But keeping in mind our Indian bumpy uneven road conditions, also stones and pebbles, and sometimes deadly piercing nail spikes lying on our roads makes it practically impossible to run barefoot, since you could end up hurting yourself badly; no matter how tempting the idea could be.


I myself have participated in quite a few number of marathons including the IDBI Half Marathon.

The Tata Steel Kolkata Half Marathon, TCS Stay fit for life Half Marathon, Airtel India Half Marathon.

And what I realized is that nothing can be more satisfying than that of the sheer joy of freedom which you get from running.

The adrenaline rush you feel, when your body perspires with sweat after a good run, is unparalleled to any feeling on this earth.

Research suggests that your body releases endorphins when you run, which reduces pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of well-being.

A good cushioned running shoe helps a runner to go the extra mile with ease without any discomfort whatsoever.

Please go through the complete Running shoes buying guide at the later part of this article where I have penned down technical aspects of your feet and how to select the right fit for yourself.

Best Running Shoes in India for Men 2021 (Quick List)

Running Shoes For MenMaterialPrice
Nike Quest 2MeshBuy From Amazon
Puma Flyer Engineer KnitMeshBuy From Amazon
ASICS Gel-Excite 6SyntheticBuy From Amazon
Nike Revolution 5TextileBuy From Amazon
Adidas AsweerunMeshBuy From Amazon
ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21SyntheticBuy From Amazon
Adidas Running ShoesTextileBuy From Amazon
Puma Concave V2 IdpTextileBuy From Amazon
Nike Flex Contact 3MeshBuy From Amazon
Reebok Sublite LegendMeshBuy From Amazon
Adidas Throb MSyntheticBuy From Amazon
Nike Flex Contact 2TextileBuy From Amazon
Adidas Floy MSyntheticBuy From Amazon
ASICS ImperialSynthetic & MeshBuy From Amazon
Adidas Hyperon 1.0 MSyntheticBuy From Amazon

Best Running Shoes for Men in India

Now without procrastinating further, let’s delve into it, here comes my list of Best running shoes in India for men.

1. Nike Men’s Quest 2 Running Shoes


Our first recommendation of Best Running Shoes for Men in India is Nike Men’s Quest 2 Running Shoe.

I am a huge fan of Phil Knight, because of his vision of producing high-quality shoes for the people who love to run.

The abrasion-resistant rubber sole withstands all kinds of strain on your ankle, and provides extra longitudinal support and cushioning to your feet. ‘Nike Men’s Quest 2 Running Shoe’ is one of my favorites because it uses just the right quality mesh technology.


  • The soft soles of this shoe give you a cozy feeling
  • Decent traction is provided by the rubber-padded sole
  • The bootie is made up of breathable membrane
  • High-quality Mesh ensures that your foot is well protected.
  • Lightly padded tongue and collar
  • Closure Type: Lace up
  • Shoe width: Regular
  • Toe Style: Round Toe

2. Puma Men’s Flyer Runner Shoe

Rudolf Dassler’s passion for shoes instigated him to launch the German footwear brand Puma, which has been producing world class shoes for decades now.

Puma Men’s Flyer Runner Shoe is a testimonial to the fact that wearing this shoe and running gives you the tenderness at your heart that you are flying without the wings.


  • EVA midsole ground contact gives lightweight.
  • Soft foam soles provide grip from heel to toe.
  • Rubber outsole for sturdy traction.
  • Model Name:-Flyer Runner Engineer Knit.
  • TPU overlay at heel for additional support.
  • The lateral side has contrast PUMA Formstrip.
  • Breathable technology is used in mesh upper.
  • Closure Type: Lace up.

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 6


This is our 3rd recommendation of Best Running Shoes in India for Men is ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 6 Running Shoe.

Asics is a Japanese multinational footwear and sports equipment manufacturer.

The name is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano, which translates as “Healthy soul in a healthy body”. Asics has made a reputation for themselves of producing durable and supportive (neutral) shoes.


  • Amplifoam sole provides soft/plush cushioning.
  • mesh fabric that is flexible and breathable.
  • Ortholite sock-liner to provide extra comfort and microbial control.
  • Closure Type: Lace up.
  • This shoe is tailor-made for a 10k run.
  • Tips, these shoe is not suitable for runners with overpronation.

4. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 (Best running shoe for men in India)


Nike Men’s Revolution 5 is a well cushioned running shoe with all latest technologies to ensure safety regarding the pronation and the supination of the foot. This running shoe is ideal for a 10k short run.

This is just the revised and upgraded model of the Nike Men’s Revolution 4 series shoe. This product is stylish and sleek and at the same time is designed for comfort.


  • Extremely lightweight which makes your feet feel floaty.
  • The laces when fully laced up is on the shorter side.
  • Toe style is a round toe.
  • Revolution 5 is made of a layer rubber outsole.
  • This shoe has been reported perfect for the wet surface.
  • The midsole of this shoe is compact and thin.

5. Adidas Men’s Asweerun Running Shoes

The German Shoe manufacturing giant Adidas founded by Adi Dassler has always produced world-class athletic running shoes, be it Olympics or the Fifa world cup football.

Adidas Men’s Asweerun Running Shoes is the latest from them which the majority of the runners who tested the shoe have reported positive.


  • Extremely lightweight for your feet.
  • Knit-Mesh offers extended ventilation and comfort and breathability.
  • Adidas Men’s Asweerun Running Shoes has IMEVA midsole.
  • Fully rubber midsole provides strength and longevity.
  • Skid-resistant non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Fantastic design, perfect fit, and quality.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21 is on our 6th no place on Best Running Shoes for Men in India 2021.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 21 is designed for long-distance running. This model is the neutral top model from the Japan-based multinational shoe company.


  • Pronation: neutral supination.
  • Updated jacquard Mesh top for breathability.
  • 360-degree reflex on the upper for high visibility.
  • Updated the heel cap for more stability during the landing phase.
  • Gel cushioning both in the heel and front.
  • Advanced 3D rubber reinforcement at the top.
  • Improved quality new guidance line outsole.

7. Adidas Men’s Running Shoes


Adidas has made a mark for itself in the footwear and athletic industry by its sheer determination in innovating competitive products by listening to athletes, and making products that address their needs.

Dassler started a shoe company in Herzogenaurach, Germany, in 1924, and he scored his first running shoe successes very soon afterward.


  • Superior quality mesh technology.
  • Synthetic upper provides your feet the extra comfort.
  • Perforations on the toe area offer breathability.
  • Light strike IMEVA midsole instead of the TPU.
  • shock absorption with a full rubber outsole.

8. Puma Concave V2 Idp (Best Puma Running Shoes for Men)

Puma Concave V2 Idp, for those who are serious about running. The feedback and reviews that we received about this product have been mostly positive.

Extremely well designed and ergonomically designed running shoes to give you the maximum benefits of running.


  • Continental rubber sole.
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable construction.
  • Outer Material is made up of Mesh Technology.
  • Stylish at the same time gives you good value for money.
  • Closure Type: Lace-up
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer warranty of 90 days.

9. Nike Men’s Flex Contact 3 (Best Nike Running shoes for Men)

The next on the list of Best Running Shoes in India for Men is Nike Flex Contact 3.

This is by far the best Nike running shoes for men as far as the popularity is concerned.


  • The Midsole cushioning is plush and bouncy
  • It also provides excellent traction on wet surfaces
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable construction.
  • Superior Mesh Technology providing comfort
  • Outsole with heel-to-toe ensures that the natural flow of your foot is maintained.
  • An elastic, slip-on lacing system pairs with a floating heel strap for pressure-free support.

10. Reebok Men’s Sublite Legend Running Shoes

This English Shoe making company has come a long way. Established in England, Reebok is another leading footwear and apparel manufacturer.

In 2005, Adidas acquired Reebok and combined the two footwear companies. However, they operate as separate brand names. Reebok Zig, Reebok Nano, Z-foam are a few famous lines of shoes.


  • Fuel foam technology for extreme lightweight cushioning.
  • Outsole rubber only used in the heel area for traction.
  • High contact areas upper heel contains elastic to give you that snug custom fit.
  • Lightweight upper promotes comfort, support, and breathability.
  • Versatile wear for ultra-light and comfortable ride standard.
  • The outer material is made up of mesh technology.

11. Adidas Men’s Throb M Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Throb M Running Shoes is a robust and dynamic running shoe for the sports minded people. These brand of shoes are made exclusively made by adidas for the next gen who want extraordinary comfort while running.


  • The IMEVA outsole is made with minute care.
  • The Mesh upper is made of finely knitted fabric.
  • The midsole of the shoe provides exquisite stability.
  • Extremely lightweight and breathability is ensured.
  • Adiprene technology makes sure that your foot does not have to go through added stress.

12. Nike Men’s Flex Contact 2

Universal fit for all, equipped with the latest technologies and the feedback from world-class runners make Nike one of the game changers in running shoes out there.

One thing which is always constant about Nike is, when it comes to experimentation and updating their shoes they are always ahead in the game.


  • Comes with the latest updated cushioning.
  • Textile technology used.
  • Gives you a super comfortable experience.
  • Round Toe style shoe
  • Closure Type: Lace up
  • Rubber underfoot gives you decent traction.

13. Adidas Men’s Floy M (Best Adidas running shoe for men)

Another Best Running Shoes in India 2021 is Adidas Floy M.

We found Adidas Men’s Floy M perfect for especially two main reasons.

Foremost, they have perfect cushioning and for a second, our testing found soft Cloudfoam cushioning that feels very nice and plush to your feet.


  • Upper Mesh for lightweight and breathable construction.
  • Cloudfoam cushioning that feels very enjoyable
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Closure Type: Lace-up
  • Rubber underfoot gives you decent traction.

14. ASICS Men’s Imperial Shoe

Asics, a global leading Japanese Shoe manufacturer has made its name in the footwear industry.

They started off selling basketball shoes and gradually ventured into other kinds like running shoes and gradually ventured into other kind of shoes with their latest innovative technology combined with the Japanese work ethics.

Their lightweight shoes, long-distance, marathon, and training shoes are widely accepted world over.


  • Mesh fabric is flexible and breathable.
  • Closure Type: Lace-up.
  • Amplifoam sole provides soft/plush cushioning.
  • Provides protection by focusing on the runner’s gait.
  • Features a modern design upper on a sleek silhouette.

15. Adidas Men’s Hyperon 1.0 M Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Hyperon 1.0 M Running Shoe, is a very genuine product, with very comfortable cushioning, the design of the product is very nice.

The sole is very soft and comfortable so it is highly recommended for persons with any knee-related problem, You won’t feel cheated if you go for it.


  1. Good for runners with bad knees.
  2. Improved cushioned IMEVA midsole.
  3. Regular Shoe width with Lace-up closure.
  4. Comfortable, breathable mesh upper.
  5. Adiprene technology used for resistance and zero impact on knees.

Best Running Shoes in India – Buyer’s Guide

Over the last few decades, running shoes has evolved, and the shoe giants like Nike, Adidas, Puma, ASICS, Reebok to name a few has so much to offer that sometimes it could be quite confusing for a novice, who might find himself/herself in a problem of plenty!

My running shoes buying guide will help you to choose the right fit for you, as I have painstakingly taken time to research this and bring you few insights into the science working behind these running shoes.

1. Your shoe has to fit right

Shoe sizes are different between different brands. Sometimes, even within a brand, one product might fit one way and another product might fit a different way.

The idea is not to get overawed with the fact and stick to the basics.

One general thumb rule is to make sure that you have a thumbs length from your big toe to the end of your shoe, don’t lace the shoe tight, and have about a thumbs width between the back of the foot and the edge of the shoe.

Also, it is advisable to wear socks while checking for the shoe fit. The idea is that your feet should breathe well.

2. Cushioning

Some people have this misconception that cushioning is of paramount importance when it comes to buying shoes, and that is the first thing which they check in a shoe.

But, the fact is experts suggest that your foot has more nerve ending in the sole than anywhere else.

Your lower part of the body is been designed to be a natural shock absorbent. It does not need extra cushioning.

Just the right cushioning that’s will do the job. A minimalist, who prefers a barefoot shoe will never look for a heavily cushioned shoe while buying one.

3. Pronation and supination of foot

These two are important aspects in buying shoes. To avoid injuries, it is important for people to wear the correct footwear for their foot type and activity.

Pronation and supination both involve your gait and how your weight is distributed when you walk or run.

Pronation: A pronated (flat) foot type is generally referred to as a flattening of the arch on the instep of the foot. In a proper stride, your foot should roll forward from heel to toe. Your pronation should be neutral.

It is important that people who have flatter foot types have shoes that are more supportive when exercising.

Supination: Supination means that when you walk, your weight tends to be more on the outside of your foot. It is important that people who have a supinated foot type wear shoes that are neutral in their making.

With the supinated foot type, it is important to have the right width as too much room in shoes can lead to blisters and rubbing.

4. Stability in your running shoes

Many runners face instability issue with their toes, ankles and/or running gait. For them looking for stability is recommended by experts.

Experts suggest, that standing on one foot for a minute, changeover, and then stand on the other. If you sway back and forth, Then you surely need to prepare your ankles for more stability, this is also a clear indication that you need to look for a stability running shoe.

5. Road running shoes Vs Trail running shoes

Many people seem to be confused or actually does not look for when they look for buying running shoes. But there is a striking difference between these two kinds of shoes.

Road Running shoes: These are the most widely sold shoes across the shoe stores. Road running shoes are tailor-made for surfaces like concrete roads, highways, footpaths, and pavements which are artificial and human-built.

These shoes are designed in the factory to withstand the impact of the hard surfaces and have less wear and tear as compared to the bumpy trails.

Trail running shoes: Trail running shoes are becoming more and more popular nowadays in India. This is surely the Next-Gen trend.

If you love to go off-roads, bumpy, rocky, pebbly, muddy, or inclined trails, then more than often you will get your feet twisted or injured, if you do not opt for trail running shoes.

Comparison Chart between Trail and Road running Shoes

Road Running ShoesTrail Running Shoes
These are smaller, lighter, and breathable.Trail shoes are rigid and heavy.
Flat outsoles built with heavy-duty rubber to combat the hard concrete.Bigger outsoles made with sticky rubber to combat the irregular trail surfaces.  
Softer midsoles with cushions to protect your feet from the walkways.Midsoles with rock plate to protect your feet against bumpy surfaces.  

6. Motion Control Running shoes

Motion-control shoes are the best fit for extreme cases of over-pronators. These are not commonly found but are available in few selected sportswear stores. These are taut and have hard heel in comparison to the other types and are manufactured with wider soles.

7. Few Other Types of Running Shoes

  • Gym Shoes: These shoes are perfect for those who want to run for long hours on the treadmills, and also like to do lightweight training.
  • Walking Shoes: Walking Shoes are ideal for those elderly persons, who want to stroll or have a walk in the parks with their dogs. These shoes have special cushioning (usually less) keeping in mind the knee/heel problems of the elderly people and are not suitable for running.
  • Jogging Shoes: Nike founder Phil Knight, revolutionized the entire world by introducing jogging shoes. These shoes are ideal for traditional warm-ups to wake up your leg muscles.
  • Lightweight shoes: Entry-level runners and 5k-10k runners, go for these shoes, these shoes are not meant for long-distance trail or hike running. The average life span of this shoe is 500- 800 km. These shoes are recommended not to be used more than 60 minutes a day. Reinforced toe, high abrasion rubber sole are the common features found in these types of shoes.
  • Cross Training Shoes: As the name suggests, these shoes are ideal for doing a different kind of training activities. High intensity, strength, and cardio workouts aspirants, this is an ideal type of shoe, since these shoes have a well-cushioned midsole and pronation cushioning, keeping in mind the rigorous daily grind that cross-training has to incur. Weight trainers also, these shoes also would best fit your requirements.

Conclusion For Best Running Shoes for Men in India

The Phil Knight’s, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler’s, and the Japanese Shoemakers has made the world of shoe running full of innovations and opportunities. Now definitely it looks easy.

No doubt whatsoever, brands still does matter, because people trust brands, that’s why we find that “Nike running shoes for men”, “Puma running shoes for men”, “Adidas running shoes for men” are mostly searched on the internet.

So let’s make the most of it. Happy Running !

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