Top 7 Best Water Purifier Brands in India

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Water filters and purifiers provide safe drinking water for the people. Using different purification stages it purifies water which is absolutely safe for health.


Purified water is necessary for health as the water from natural sources gets contaminated by industrial other waste. The responsible authority mixes chlorine in the water to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Additionally, the tap water contains harmful chemicals also. So, installing the best water purifier in India should be the priority for any home.

Just as an example, if the TDS level goes up to 300 ppm or the water comes from multiple sources, then RO is the best option. Some RO purifiers come with a combination of UV and UF. In that case, you may get confused to choose the right one.

The market is also flooded with so many purifier brands that claim to provide safe drinking water. However, you should always go for the best water purifier brands in India as the cheap brands may provide you poor quality water.

To help you in this way, in the below article, the top 7 water purifier brands are described along with a buying guide. Let’s go through it.

Best Water Purifier Brands in India

1. Eureka Forbes

Key features:

  • Works up to 2500 high TDS level.
  • Tasteguard technology retains the taste of water.
  • Reserve mode extends membrane life up to 20 hours.
  • LED indicator indicates the water level
  • Save a huge on water usage.

Eureka Forbes is a consumer goods company based in Mumbai. Their purifier Aquaguard is a common purifier in every Indian household. They have a wide range of Aquaguard varieties that start from RO and UV technology who claim to be on the list for best water purifier brands in India.

It works by detecting the hardness of the water level and purifies the water by applying their best possible technique. The Eureka Forbes water purifier comes with some smartest features like intel e boiling, a taste enhancer, and membrane enhancer.

The purifier from Eureka Forbes with RO technology can remove the chemical toxic from the water but it remains the essential human mineral in the water.

The TDS regulator also works well in the whole purification process. This exclusive mineral guard feature is also great in improving the overall performance of the osmosis membrane.

In the end, you can say that the Eureka Forbes water purifier or Aquaguard comes with some best features that a good quality water purifier should have.

With these purifiers, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the water. It does the job efficiently by choosing the optimum technology like RO + UV/UF + UV for purifying water.

2. Kent (Top selling water purifier brand in india)

Key features:

  • Provide 100% pure water.
  • Multiple purification stages
  • Keep essential mineral
  • Don’t wastewater
  • Best quality if water certified

KENT water purifier has also reached the market of water purifier with an overwhelming presence. Now they are one of the most reputed and trusted water purifier brand in India.

The RO purifiers from KENT come with some exclusive features like Mineral RO technology and save water technology.

The double purification technology of KENT uses RO or UF in every stage of purification. You can purify here water from different sources like borewell, tap water, tankers, etc.

The design of KENT purifiers and made to match the latest modular kitchen approach. Whether it is a wall-mounted or table, KENT will provide you all with a fabulous look.

The latest KENT Mineral RO technology ensures that the water is not only purified but also thus is tasty and healthy. KENT did not purify or eliminate the essential particles from the water surface.

The KENT water purifiers have won several awards like ‘Best Domestic Water Purifier’ by UNESCO. You can get a wide range of purifier varieties from KENT which starts from basic Gravity Based Purifier to UV purifiers and other RO purifiers.

3. Ruby Water Purifier (Budget-Friendly Water Purifier in India)

Key features:

  • The rate is reasonable
  • Up to 96% solid elimination
  • Fantastic purified water flow
  • Electrical parts are high quality
  • Quick and easy service and support

This amazing water purifier brand is based in India. By adhering to the ‘Make in India’ scheme, their purification process is designed.

However, some of their filters come with some imported components also. Ruby can offer you the quality of water purification at an affordable rate.

Ruby can provide you the world’s best and standard purification process in their Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet filter, and Ultra Filtration process.

In a small package of their products, you are going to have punches every time. Another most attractive specification of the Rubi Water purifier is its transparent and opaque construction which will offer you to notice the whole purification process in front of your eyes.

This is also tested that the water purified through the Rubi water purifier, comes with all the natural minerals that are essential for humans.

Except for the UV bulb, they offer a warranty for all the parts for 1 year at least. You can fix the Rubi Water Purifier on the wall or tabletop of your kitchen.

Installation needs to be done by any professional. If you are looking for a budget filter with amazing features then Ruby is one of the best in the queue.

4. Pureit (Editors Choice)


Key features:

  • Reputed and popular brand
  • Don’t need to continue electric flow for being operated.
  • 100 % pure safe drinking water
  • Essential minerals can not be damage
  • Can work efficiently with and without electricity

Without a water filter in your home, you are risking your life. The increasing rate of water-borne diseases not only indicates having a water purifier but also having the best water purifier in India.

Pureit is such a water purifier brand that is not only reliable but also assures you to provide clean, pure, and healthy water every time.

Its superb RO technology eliminates all the present impurities from the water and thus it improves the quality of the water.

With their advanced and revolutionary technology in water purification, they ensure their customers get only the best in their budget.

Since its inception, Pureit has dedicated itself to the vision of providing water as safe as boiling water. They have won many awards which no doubt indicate their product quality overall.

This specific quality has made them stand out from the other purifiers in the queue for the best water purifier brands in India.

Unlike the other purifiers, it doesn’t need continuous flow from the tap and it doesn’t need electricity continuously for efficient working.

Additionally, with Pureit water purifiers, you don’t have to compromise with the essential mineral that should be there in the good quality water.

5. Aquaguard

Key features:

  • TDS regulator to keep essential minerals
  • Intel e-boiling provides the purest water.
  • Taste enhancers keep the original taste of the water.
  • Reliable customer support
  • The purified water quality is too good.

Aquaguard Water purifier dont need any vast introduction. If you are looking to get 100 percent pure and bacteria-free water, then without any hesitation pick Aquaguard Water purifier.

Additionally, this ‘Pani Ka Doctor’ adds further compliment to your kitchen’s authentic look with its sleek and modern design.

The Aquaguard Water purifiers are the best choice for those who want to deal with amazing features at an affordable range.

The Aquaguard Water purifiers give 100 percent pure and healthy water which is tasty too. Before you pick one of the models of Aquaguard Water purifier, this is suggested to know about the purification need of your area as the water purifiers are categorized into different varieties as per the area.

The Ro+Uv+Uf+Mtds formula of Aquaguard Water purifier involves a smart purification technology as per the area.

Additionally, the TDS regulator keeps the essential minerals in the water. Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF introduces the mineral guard technology that doesn’t eliminate the minerals from the water.

The conductivity sensor and overflow production feature ensure to keep a good water level in the purifier. The Magna NXT HD RO formula purifies water in 7 stage purification process to provide you mineral-rich healthy water every time.

If your municipal water is sourced from any nearby canal, river, dam, or lake then this water purifier is a great choice for you. This water source is over the ground so there is a good chance of bacterial growth and other viral infestation.

6. Livpure

Key features:

  • Price is attractive and affordable.
  • Advanced purification technology.
  • Smart design
  • Good support and sales
  • Efficient purification

The Livpure brand becomes very popular and renowned within a short period. This brand is another part of the SAR group that always provides quality appliances at a reasonable budget. From Livpure, you can get the latest purification choice for your home and office.

They provide from the basic Gravity Based filter to a multi-stage RO water purifier with some exclusive features like touch control and Bluetooth.

The Livpure UV water purifier focuses the UV ray on the raw water. UV ray is harmful to the lives on the earth but the bacteria and viruses can not survive under this water.

Finally, the purified water comes through the UF filters which remove the bacteria and viruses immediately.

If you are looking for a good looking and stylish water purifier for your home, then this is the right decision for choosing the best water purifier brands in India for you.

Additionally, this is a good choice for your home if there is a low TDS water supply. There are a wide range of varieties and different price categorization for Livpure water purifier. So you should choose what will be more useful for you.

7. Blue Star

Key features:

  • Sturdy compressor
  • Convenient operation
  • Effective output
  • Easy installation and maintenance support
  • Powerful cooling with efficient purification

This is one of the top-selling water purifier brands in India. They provide attractive, simple, and compact design in their single pack.

In 2014, the blue star collaborates with Aquaguard to provide people with water coolers sling with the latest purification modification.

Recently, Blue Star has launched 13 models where the 11 of them are double layered with RO + UV that produce highly safe and tasty drinking water.

Their top models of purifiers include Stella, Prisma, Majesto, and Edge. Additionally, their service providers are efficient to handle any type of query and service for their models.

You will get a high level of convenience while requesting their visit for maintenance and installation.

Different types of Water Filter

Here different types of water purifiers along with their advantage are described below. This will help you to decide the right one for your task.

Reverse Osmosis or RO

It uses a semipermeable membrane for purifying water. Here the water pump pressurizes the raw sbd hard water through the membrane.

In this process and dissolved particles like arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, nitrate gets stuck in the membrane and thus it produces purified water.

These purifiers can effectively eliminate different dissolved solid and chemical from the hard saltwater

Types of RO purifier

  • Wall-mounted or tabletop
  • Under-sink or Under counter

Advantages of RO purifier

  • The RO purifier can remove the dissolved solid ds, metal particles and it can also reduce the risk of waterborne diseases that are caused due to microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, germs, etc.
  • The water purified by RO is tasty and odorless as it removes the contamination from the water.
  • This purifier is cost-effective and maintenance is also easy.

UV water purifier

These water purifiers are best to eliminate the waterborne diseases that are caused by microorganisms, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. It doesn’t use any chemicals to use this process.

It comes with a UV lamp tube and the water gas to pass this give during purification. When the water gets exposed to a UV lamp, the present bacteria, viruses get damaged.

However, the germ’s dead body may be in the water but they are not harmful as well.

These purifiers are best for low TDS like the canal, lake and river water. It can’t purify water with high TDS Additionally, it cannot remove chemicals like Chlorine, arsenic, and fluorides.

Advantages of UV filters

  • You need to change the UV lamp only once a year.
  • It can deliver up to 2 to 4-liter water per minute where the others take a lot of time to deliver only one filter.
  • It uses a minimum rate of electricity.
  • It doesn’t change the water taste.
  • It keeps the human essential mineral.

UF or Ultrafiltration water purifier

It contains hollow fibers for purifying the water. This hollow fiber is made of a thin layer of material that separates the particles from the water. If the water passes through the membrane, the dura, solids, bacteria, viruses get stuck there. This is almost similar to the RO purifiers. These filters are good for the area with low chemical contamination. It cannot work with hard water.

Advantages of UF purifier

  • It doesn’t need electricity for purification.
  • It uses the hollow membrane for making the purification job.
  • It can filter muddy water also.
  • It can give you a more long-lasting service than any others.

Carbon water purifier

This is a form that is made of carbon or activated charcoal. The carbon water purifier can eliminate water-borne diseases and it can also make the water taste and smell bad.

It can effectively eliminate chlorine from the water. It uses an absorption process for purifying the water. During the process, it damages the chemicals and metal from the surface.

Advantages of carbon filters

  • It helps to avoid the diseases causing pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Can remove metal particles.
  • Water cold out from this filter tastes good.

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